Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The World According To Bet

Many of you that know Bet know that she came to us from Jenny and Scott Glen of Alta Pete Stock Dogs via my friend Lisa who lives on the 'other' side of the valley.
Lisa, Jenny and their friend Louanne were traveling together to a stock dog trial last weekend, so when they found themselves at Lisa's on Monday morning they (as they already had a standing invitation) decided to come over and play with us for a bit.

Bet heard Jenny, her former Mom, was coming to visit and was convinced she was coming to take her back to Alta Pete.
She strategised long into the night on Sunday trying to come up with a way to convince Jenny that she simply couldn't go back.

"Just remind her what a pathetic flunk out you were as a stock dog", I suggested.
She was convinced that would never work.

Finally she settled on showing Jenny that NorthWapiti simply could not function without her.

So while we hooked up and ran a 16 dog team, Bet worked 'herding' the pens (She seriously believes that our pens need to be herded and runs speedy circles around them whenever the yard is excited). Same as we hooked up scooter teams for Jenny, Louanne, Jenny and Corrine.

Pictures courtesy of Jenny Glen (I didn't have my camera around !)

Louanne with Isis and Rocket

Jenny with Wonder and Dasher

Then she demonstrated her techniques as a 'Puppy Lure' when we free ran the Brits.

And finally showed her skill as a 'Nanny' to the Explosions.

When Jenny finally got in the truck and drove away, Bet breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was obvious in her little border collie brain that she had convinced Jenny that she was invaluable here.

Truth be known Bet, you are an irreplaceable spirit here and nothing would be the same without you. This is always where you were meant to be and where you will be staying.
Love you, you little Freak!


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Cathy Galuska-Seidel said...

Great story. I am glad Bet found her place in this world.