Friday, 16 July 2010

Glimpses From the Kennel

I've got some photos from the past few days that really don't 'work' in any of the other blogs - but I wanted to share with you anyway!!
Hope you enjoy!!

I ADORE this picture of Cricket. I think it captures the real 'her'!

Corrine running with Spider and Sprite. Cricket and the Brits are seeing them out of the yard!

The Brits and Bet on the trail!

Feeding time!

Mom putting C4 in his place!


C4 and Scud

Bet with her little charges (literally and figuratively!)

Mighty says to Molly "Come on in, the water is fine!"
A crazy photo of Wifi and Spider, but I like it!

Wifi, Spider and Corrine!

Runner and Dasher

The coyotes have been actively lately and Cricket is always on alert!
A victim of our recent heavy rains (the sand holding the rocks in washed away). I'm crushed, but Richard assures me it will get fixed
Bet catching a ride with Corrine.


N said...

I really like this Eclectic blog today. Bet seems to enjoy the little ones. Too bad about Richard's totem (I forget the term you used). Does that mean it's "half a man" now???

I always always love the WiFi pix. I hope to meet him someday. His behavior and personality is so much like his sister's (my Cricket). Thx!

Bakavi said...