Sunday, 4 July 2010

Too Old For Such Frivolity

I understand that Siberians like to dig. Heck on a good day my yard looks like the entire gopher population of Saskatchewan has moved in and is throwing a party. On a bad day I could lease the dog yard out to NASA to train astronauts in negotiating moon craters.
I know that, I'm okay with it. It is one of the things a Siberian owner just has to come to grips with. However, shouldn't there be a maximum age on that?? Apparently not!!
The other night when Mark when out to feed Geriatric Park he commented that there was a 'breech' at the Park. Instead of 4 dogs in each pen, there were 2 in one pen and 6 in the other. Hmmm.

This is the problem.

Notice that we have attempted to temporarily block the hole with some tires. That was really effective. Last night when I fed there was 4 dogs in each pen - the wrong four - but four none the less.

I queried the residents of  'G.Park' to see if they knew how that hole got there.

Actually, before I go further, let me mention that I suggested that if I was going to take pictures of them today, it would be nice if they all let me do some plucking of their shedding coats. They looked at me with HORROR. I tried snuggling with them and then snatching a few clumps of hair while they weren't looking but they bolted away from me VERY annoyed. They claim that they are all old and have earned their right to 'dress in plaid pants' or 'wear purple hats'. I conceded the point, so they are 'dressed' as they see fit for their photographs.

The first dog I asked was Mannie. At 14 1/2, he is the most senior resident of 'The Park'.

He was SHOCKED at the suggestion that he might be involved.

Then there is Nik...
He will be 13 in 3 months - and according to him COMPLETELY innocent.

"Joey - do you know anything about this hole??"

"Goodness no", she said, claiming that at 12 3/4 years of age she is FAR passed the age of digging.

"Loki - you are only 10 1/2. Maybe you had something to do with it?"

How could that face do anything wrong??

I moved over to the other side of 'The Park'. 

Now this is the side that has built a temple to honor their water bucket -

...surely I would find the guilty party here.

"Never in all my 13 years have I done any such thing" (I'd remind him of the thousands of times he has but he is old and forgetful - it is pointless.)

Next I questioned  Camilla and Jumpy (both turning 14 in a month or two).

They gave each other alibis.

That left Kaylinn. She turned 14 in May and is deaf as a post.

So, she just stared at me and said "WHAT????"

Okay,  I give up. I'll just get Mark to haul some sand over there on his next days off and fill up the holes because, to be truly honest, I'm just thrilled that they are so spunky. I hope I'm half that energetic when I get to be as senior as them.

Have at it Kids!!



Anonymous said...

You always make me laugh with your stories. The amazing way you write is so entertaining. I loved this blog because ironically I was just talking to my coworker complaining about my husky, Sitka , still digging my bed up so badly. I knew what I was getting into w/him but thought it might let up as he aged.Ya right! Hope you had a great holiday! Just love your dogs!

Anders said...

Hehehehehe - snicker, snicker, snicker :-) Great story - I agree with your conclusion; lets hope we are still "going strong" when we get to their age....! Have a great summer. Regards, Anders

Bakavi said...

heh heh heh heh!
so cute.

Huskymom said...

I suspect Camilla-of-the-Moat!

Mushing Kodi said...

hehe great story! They are all beautiful huskies! And look so innocent lol.