Thursday, 26 August 2010

A HitchHiker

All the usual suspects were with me on my walk last night.

Of course that means Kara..



Bait and Tic...

(Please excuse the quality of the photos, fall is returning and it is already getting dark by the time we are walking now)

And one little Hitchhiker...

Ya, not the greatest picture of him, but he never stays still. 

It's little C4.
Right before I left for South Africa and during my time there, C4 waged a battle with death. He won the fight but ended up losing 18 inches of his large intestine. 
It has set back his growth, but not his attitude. He has his own pen now, as living with all of his rowdy brothers and sisters would be too much for him, and we have been rotating different littermates through there to keep him company. Squib is living with him right now, however having such a close encounter with death earns you some special privileges, so little C4 has been racking up a bit more house time then his siblings.
His littermates got to free run with the ATV yesterday and he didn't, so he felt it only fair that he get to walk with me last night. 

Walking is a bit of an understatement, he actually ran everywhere. 

Well, except when he was helping Cricket do her "what's in the neighorhood' inspections. 

Or aiding Bet in her stalks on the cats...

C4 thinks cheating death is a good thing. Me too!! 


1 comment:

granimar said...

Ah-h-h life is looking great at North Wapiti. Cricket is looking unusually white and fluffy, has Cricket been to the beauty parlor?
C4, you are one tough, energetic little pup. Yep, life is great at NW