Friday, 27 August 2010

If Only I Had Known...

The only souvenirs I brought home from the England portion of my trip earlier this month were memories and photos. Really, since I couldn't bring home cheese (and trust me, if I could have brought cheese back into Canada, I would have left all my clothes behind and filled my suitcase with cheese. North American cheese SUCKS in comparison) that was all I wanted to return with.

Comfortable times with good friends don't need tacky souvenirs to make you remember them.


It seems some greater power thinks that I should have had a memento from England and has send back with me their weather.
Since I have been home it has rained most days. Strange new mushrooms are popping up in the dog yard...

...and there are PUDDLES in the dog yard. As our dog yard is on natural sand and on a hill we never get puddles - but puddles we now have.

This is Wonder Lake

Last nights storm was so intense that the water eroded paths as it ran through the yard.

And this happened to my poor blue jay spinner

Don't worry - it's already fixed.

But the worse side effect is that when it is cloudy, it traps the heat in and the mornings are often too warm to run dogs. I've only been able to hook up once since getting home.

Please make it stop!!!!!

If only I had known, I would have bought a t-shirt with a Union Jack on it or a stuffed bear in a Bobby costume or a statue of Big Ben... heck...just about anything.... even a pair of these

Do you think if I order them online the rain will stop??



Katerina said...
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Katerina said...

Ha ha, Karen! Always worth a try! If you order them, please make sure to take some pics of you wearing them and share with us!

Dana & Gang said...

Are you ordering them for you or for Mark? Ha Ha !!!

Deb said...

Karen, you've got some voodoo thing going on there, no rain here in N.W. Edmonton. At least not that much.