Saturday, 21 August 2010

Raising The Value Of The Farm

I woke up this morning to find this in our driveway -

Definitely a step above the trucks that normally hang out there!!

Those that have followed the blog for a bit might recognize that this is my baby brother, Geek's baby. He and Mrs. Geek are overnighting at the kennel this weekend as they are playing at a friend's wedding in Edmonton.
I think it is only the second time the 'Beamer has graced our driveway. Normally Geek rents a car to come visit to spare having to take his Baby down the mile of gravel road to our place - and because Bait sleeping on it drives Geek crazy!!!

Anyway, I'm still working on getting readjusted to the time change (just got back from my trip Thursday night), so Kara, Cricket, Bet and I headed out as soon as it got light to pick some blueberries.

When everyone finally dragged themselves out of bed, I treated them to the first blueberry waffles of the season!!

When I was in Athabasca grocery shopping yesterday peaches were on sale, so I picked up a case (I do love peaches). I simmered them off with some maple syrup and had a nice waffle topping!

Even little C4 agreed they were yummy!


Donna Quante said...

The food looks yummy!!! I've been freezing blueberries for weeks. I love how cute little C4 is!!
Welcome Home Karen. :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! The waffles look delicious!

Dana & PA gang said...

Funny! We just had blueberry pancakes yesterday morning. Great minds think alike! Yummm!!!!!!!!!
BTW, love Mark's t-shirt. C4 looks adorable. They're growing up too fast. Lots of hugs & kisses to the 4 legged kiddos!

Tammy said...

You must be a great cook, Karen! That food looks delicious! And C4 looks like he is enjoying the samples! ;)