Friday, 17 June 2011

Everything Must Go! - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone, its your not so roving, kinda stationary stuck in Perryvale while the Musher does presentations in sunny California fundraising Border Collie, Bet here!

Oh sure, I could throw a fit about not going to California with the Musher, but I have more important things to do while the musher is at the Homewood Winery in Sonoma on Friday June 17 from 6-9 pm for Wine Tasting and a presentation about running the Last Great Race - the Iditarod (and being the owner of the most adorable Border Collie in the world).

I also don't really need to be at Harry's Hofbrau at 390 Saratoga Ave in San Jose, CA on 18 June 2011 starting at noon where the Musher will give a presentation about the most amazing Bordie Collie in the entire world, and probably mention some curly tails and that race thing (it comes with a buffet lunch too).

I also have more important things to do than be with the Musher while she guest judges for the THIRD ANNUAL NORTHERN BREED FUN MATCH!  Sunday, June 19th from 8-2 at Oak Hill Park, Danville

You really need to get to California and go see her, because not only do you help some wonderful rescue groups and sledding organizations, but you actually get to hear about the Musher's adventures with the curly tails, and see her tattoos.  You can even talk to her... really!  Seriously!  Just walk right up to her, she's very friendly and housebroken.

The real reason I'm not going on these trips is because I have more important responsibilities at home, since I've been put in charge of fundraising!  As you may (or may not) know, its time for the Iditarod sign up, and frankly... its EXPENSIVE!  I've already told the Musher that I'll once again do without the Gucci coat and matching booties to help her save up for the fee, but we still need more of that paper money stuff.

While she was flying to California yesterday, I thought long and hard about what I could do to help her make enough money to sign up for the Iditarod...
Then it came to me, because I went to THE CLOSET THAT MUST NEVER BE OPENED, which I opened, and was immediately buried in a pile of stuffed curly tails.

Seriously, the Musher has so many stuffed curly tails that she could easily qualify for that Hoarder series (it would be a three parter), and its really kinda creepy... all those eyes staring at you, happy looks on their faces... eesh.

So while she's gone, I'm auctioning off the stuffed curly tails!  All proceeds will go toward the Musher's 2012 Iditarod run, which I assure you will be historic and amazing... trust me on that one!

The Photographer has already put them up on e-bay for me... I took the pictures (please note, they are all posing on the cloud, but the cloud does NOT come with the stuffies) and she even said that my camera technique was not only amazing, but award winning.

All of the stuffies come with an autographed (and personalized if you want) sports card of the Musher herself, and I will also lick each card.

Unfortunately the Photographer didn't have time to tell you a little history behind the stuffies, so here is why you NEED to have these stuffies:

This is the Rocket stuffie
Sure, it looks all calm and pretty just sitting there, but when you turn the lights out, this Stuffie tunnels out of its kennel and steals your belongings.

I'm pretty sure you can guess which stuffie this is... come on, guess... I'll give you a hint... its mouth is always open... yep, that's right... I call this one the Trampling stuffie
Although it doesn't really look like any of the Tramplings, trust me, it never shuts up.  You can even hear it asking questions behind the closet door.  It never shuts up.  Frankly I don't know why anyone would buy it, but please... BUY IT so we can sleep.

This is the Todd stuffie
 Its the Todd stuffie because it looks like Richard in the mornings when it was really really freezing out and he hadn't had his coffee: stylishly dressed yet gobsmacked.

This stuffie is... um... ok, this isn't any of the curly tail pack but its so sad and pathetic looking (probably because its been sitting next to the yammering Tramp stuffie for so long) that I really feel sorry for it and want you to buy it... please... LOOK AT ITS SAD FACE!!!!

So, I need all of you to go check out the stuffies and help the Musher run the 2012 Iditarod

- Bet


BarbSchaefer said...
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BarbSchaefer said...

Bet, We'll help with your fundraising. When people sign up for our classes & tell us they heard about us from "Bet" (or Karen Ramstead) we will donate 10% to your cause!
Be the Lead Dog, 7-Life Changing Lessons Taught by Sled Dogs

Urban Mushing Clinic

Nannette Morgan said...

Bet.. The Musher had very nice things to say about you in her presentation. All about how you are Auntie Bet to the puppies and how valuable an asset you are ;-) See, she thinks about you while she is away!