Monday, 6 June 2011

A Training Opportunity

When distance racing, dog teams often have to travel by used straw beds from other teams that have camped on the trail between checkpoints. For years I had huge issues with my teams doing this. They would either want to use the straw for a quick nap themselves or snoop through it to make sure no goodies (dog food, snacks, etc) were left behind.

So now whenever I have old,  rotten straw I take the time to drag some of it out on the trail to set up some nice 'training opportunities' for the fall.

These were the 'training traps' I set today -

And there are these ones left over from a camping trip Richard and I did this winter.

Don't they look inviting??? Plus they will likely attract some small woodland critters that will make them even more inviting to my 'always looking for a snack' sled dogs.


"On by Guys. On by"


Helen said...

that is a great idea. I will have to do that with my team.

Pat in MN said...

I have been cleaning out the dogs' winter straw also. I have to say that our NW dogs are pretty good at "on by" - at least most of the time- thanks to your good training, Karen.