Sunday, 12 June 2011

Relaxing on the deck - Bet

Howdyho everyone, its your summertime relaxing on the deck Border Collie, Bet, here!

I must say that while the winters are great here, what with all of the curly tail action, and the opportunity for me to wear designer warm weather gear (still holding out hope that I'll get that Gucci coat and booties one day), it is nice to lounge on the deck with the Musher and enjoy the summertime smells and sounds.
Its so peaceful and tranquil here.  The Musher's birthday was yesterday, so there was cake and stuff, and even though we were forced to wear party hats and sing, it was worth it.  She's a good Musher and all...

What was that?
Did you see that?  That green flash?!?!
No!  SERIOUSLY!  Can't you hear that?  The buzzing little wings, the evil cackle???  You humans need bigger ears!  Oh wait... they can fly into my big ears and eat my brains out those evil evil things!!!

Look at it sucking that fake flower looking thing, its just practicing for when they swoop down and suck out all of our brains!!!  I don't understand why humans encourage them to train for the hummingbird takeover of the world!!!
Don't you laugh at me!  Its true!  They are plotting to take over the world by flitting around so fast that you can't see them and next thing you know, they've poked your eyes out with their sharp, pointy beaks!
I'm going to sit here real still with my ears back, so they can't dive into them, and my eyes closed a bit... if you don't move, they can't see you with their beady little evil eyes.
TIC!!! Get away from me!  Can't you see that I'm camouflaged and hiding from the evil beady eyed hummingbirds of doom?????  What do you mean you can see me, of course you can see me, you're a cat, but the hummingbirds can't see me... how many times do I have to explain this to you?
Now that my cover is blown I'll just mosey over and sit closer to the Musher... not that she will save me or anything, but maybe the evil hummingbird will attack her first and I can run away!
So much for a relaxing lounge on the deck... STUPID HUMMINGBIRDS!!!!

- Bet


bakavi said...

Poor baby Bet!!! What a terrible life she has. Maybe the musher should get her some summer time ear muffs to save her from the brain eating hummingbirds!! :)

djqhusky said...

I thought Siberians were aliens and trying to take over the world with their husky mind melds. :)

Brandi said...

Hummingbirds too huh? I'm already aware of the squirrels' plot to take over the world!!!!! Keep vigilant, Bet, and it can be avoided!

Anonymous said...

Such a great, crazy story, Bet! You made me chuckle out loud again.
Please tell your musher extraordinaire that we wish her a belated "Very Happy Birthday"!
She's not getting older, she is really getting better"
I am glad you are aware of the evil plot of the hummingbirds!
Sitka & his MoM Lisa

Louise said...

Bet, do you have any tips for Miss AvaLou Musherbaby about her new Border Collie puppy, Pete who likes to run in front of her and almost knock her down, which really makes her mad? She's just 4 years old and doesn't like wild dog behavior.

Anonymous said...

Talk about "airplane" ears! What a great example of them, Bet.

Be vigilent . . . you never know what may be lurking in the yard.

Marcia in PA