Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One Day Left! HURRY! - Bet

Howdy Ho everyone, its your crazy stuffie selling, non-roving fundraising Border Collie, Bet here!

We've only got one day left on the stuffie auction and we've got to move this merchandise, which is why I'm declaring it Christmas in June, and here at Crazy Bet's we're marking down the prices... well, not really marking as in how dog people think of marking, but... where was I... oh yeah...

It's a blow-out sale at Crazy Bets!  We have all the stuffies you need at blow out prices!

Look at this beauty here!
All dressed up and no place to go, the Scud stuffie comes with its very own scarf because that's what Scud wears on the trail.  Oh sure, he trips on it and it gets really dirty, but this pup knows how to dress on the trail, and you can own a bit of Scud too if you act now!

But wait... there's more!

This little beauty is X because that's how X lounged around during his recovery, all oozing and sloshing around the cloud, pretending like he couldn't hardly move so he could get more attention... well, this little bean bag needs some attention to, and he won't be getting it in the closet, so won't you find a spot in your home for this little cutie!?  HMMM?


Its a rare totally red Siberian Husky American Shepherd... thing... dog... something, BUT ISN'T IT AMAZING!?
 Be the first on your block or continent to get one of these... whatever it is... seriously I have no clue, and I can't even fake it, but it's a really cool patriotic flag tattooed dog thing though.

There are so many more stuffies without bids so you can get in on the action for pennies on the dollar, and you can even buy one and get another for whatever amount the other one was, but you get two and that's better because one is the loneliest number...

Ok, if my craaaazy sales pitch didn't work, you are forcing me to use the sad eyes:

Go bid on some cool stuffies so the Musher can go mush the Iditarod... pleeeeeeeease?


Lucinda said...

ohh noo not that sad bet look.... *goes to look in e bay*

Anonymous said...

i'm with Lucinda...not the sad bet look. i just can't take the sad bet look. i'm shopping, i'm shopping!