Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Family Day!!!

I woke up at 5am to the first '0' reading on the thermometer for the season! Yeah!!!

After a (okay .... several) cups of coffee and a bit of breakfast it was out the door to run dogs.

Tramp, Billie, Smartie, Rocket, Skecher, Wonder, Kelly, Ryka, Irving, Turtle, Charge, Q, Astro, Wolvie, Pop and Wifi put in a GREAT 5 mile run!

After putting dogs away, finishing up a few things in the kennel, and tending to a few household chores Mark, Bet, my bike and I headed into the city.

"Have you ever considered buying a bike rack??"
Mark's birthday is coming up and what he asked for is a bike!!!! YEAH!!!! Obviously that wasn't a very hard sell to me!!!
After a bit of shopping this......

...joined the 'family'!!!

"Looks like it will do"

Of course, we had to take it out for a 'welcome to the family ride'. Bet choose her favorite 'Tewilliger Park'. Smart Bet, allowing both bikes and off leash dogs, it was the perfect choice!!!!

Trust me, there was's just hard to take pictures of each other while riding!!!

"Yup, there was biking!!"

"Lots of biking....."

"....but would you guys PLEASE buy a bike rack???"

Yes, Bet, we are working on it!!!

Running dogs and biking....yup, it was a good day!!!!

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