Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dog Days???? Not quite yet.....

Pretty soon the days around here will be all dogs, all the time....okay not ALL DOGS, ALL THE TIME, but pretty darn close!!

Not that I'm dogs are the coolest creatures and I dearly love (almost) all the time I spend with them,  but I do have lots of other things in my life that feed my heart and soul too.
As fall and the first fingers of winter reach out here, I scramble to squeeze in some of those 'extra' things that I know will take a backseat for the winter.

This is one of those things....

Thanks to my friends - Gabi, Cello and Cookie for a really fantastic evening.

\I hope we squeeze in a few more of these times before the 'Dog Days of Winter' completely take hold!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That first photo of the dogs is "really special". a keeper for sure. It just seems perfect. Would look good framed on a wall.