Thursday, 6 September 2012

'Beaching of the Whales - the Perryvale Version'

We don't have whales here. Yeah, no kidding.....

However today over a dozen butterflies decided to 'beach' themselves in our back screened in porch. (The door is left open so Cricket can access 'her' couch).

I felt kind of sorry for them flapping against the screens in distress - and besides, they would clog up the hose of my vacuum after they died and I didn't want to have to pick up their little bodies up one by one - so I decided to 'rescue' them all.

They tried to thwart me at every attempt (I tried to get them to perch on sticks, tried to herd them into boxes, etc) and finally I just got fed up. I waited till they closed their wings, grabbed the little suckers and tossed their wiggling bodies out the door.

They all fluttered off into the trees looking extremely grateful .... okay ....maybe I'm stretching a little there.....

It's Perryvale....we don't have whales....I need to make things exciting somehow!

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