Sunday, 30 September 2012

I'm a Mess - Bet


Hey.  It's me... the not so roving Border Collie reporter stuck at home AGAIN!

I'm having some issues, oh nothing to be worried about, but there's been a lot of drama here.

First off... I lost a tooth.

The Musher found it in the dog yard and didn't figure out it was mine until a week later.  I didn't want to say anything because... well... she worries about me and all.

It just fell right out... well, it was attached to a Crampling at the time... they're getting really big... and really rough, and we got a little carried away playing and stuffs and things and bloop, out it came.

That means I'm down to only half of a canine because I broke the other off gnawing on a fence... because it was there... and I was gnawing on it... stop asking so many questions.

Somebodies on Facebook suggested I could get some replacements teeths.  Check it out!  They have really cool caps they can put on dog teeth now!

So I showed the Musher and she said NO!

Seriously!  I was all ready for a really cool grill, then I would start my new career as a Border Collie rapper Bit O Bet!

Rappers have really cool ensembles and the Musher and Musher Mark never use that big clock on the wall... but she said NO.


Then the other day I hurt my leg.  I've been on double secret home confinement since then.  I can't patrol, or run the puppies, or ride on the ATV, or do ANY of the fun things around here... I'm stuck on the cloud or the chair, or the couch, or the bed... ok, frankly it's like any other day except I can't go do fun things in between napping.

This means that my trip to Utah with the Musher and Wolvie is off... I can't go... sniff.  I'm stuck here.  At least Brittany handler is coming tomorrow, so I can just sit in the window and watch her get squished by something.

Last night Wolvie came into the house to get his pre-show dog grooming.  You know how those show dogs are... a woman in every town, tell you they'll call and they never do.  He tried to dazzle me with his dance steps and smooth talk, but I'm all like "Um, excuse me, I'm your puppy aunt".

Does this picture make me look like a cat?
It was straight out of one of those Lifetime movies where Shannon Doherty plays the babysitter that gets hit up on by the dad, only to find out that the wife is full tilt bozo crazy person.  In this case I'm Shannon Doherty and Tramp is full tilt bozo crazy wife... and she is really.  I don't need Tramp all getting in my face accusing me of stealing "her man", then I would have to point out that she actually has a lot of men, she'll call me names and it'll just go down hill from there.

So, yeah... I'm stuck at home, can't run around... sigh.

- Bet


mgailt said...

Awww, Bet, I am SO sorry. To be injured, and confined to "bed rest" must be a terrible punishment for you. Oh, to lead a dog's life!

Jenny Glen said...

Bet, alot of working border collies have busted canines and missing teeth. Just tell people you were "kicked in the mouth by a cow but you should see what I did to that cow" or something dramatic and border collie-ish. They'll just think you are cool and tough.