Friday, 26 October 2012

A Graceful Retirement...

Many have been inquiring about how Crunchie is handling his retirement. Well, if you are picturing him walking around in a robe, with a cup of coffee in paw and a newspaper tucked under his arm - or for that matter lounging in a straw filled dog house, gnawing on a bone, watching his offspring - think again.

Brittany took some video of what happens everytime I'm out with a team.

Yeah, so much for enjoying his retirement!!!

Now, in all fairness, I'm told that he has done this even when he was training with the main string and on a day off.

The difference now is my guilt level. When I knew he would be running the next day I could ignore this look....'s harder now!!!

Yesterday I broke down and before heading out with the main string we hooked up all retirees, a few 'odds and ends' dogs, filling in the 'holes' with some Main String dogs!

Joining Crunch were fellow retirees Hector, Herman, and Barq with the Amazing Dasher Dog in lead.

Although they had nothing to prove to anyone, they drove like dogs in their prime. Dasher hit every turn at full speed with one quiet command.

The smiles on their faces were only equaled by the smile in my heart. I love those guys so and it was a true treat to be riding behind them again.

Thanks for always being such a great leader D-Dog. 

And thanks for making me do this Crunch

Photo by Brittany
<3 <3 <3


Anonymous said...

Crunchie is so handsome, what a beautiful dog...

Helen Johnson said...

They looks so happy to be out. They must have a lot to teach the young dogs about team work. Must be nice to drive a team full of experience too.

Anonymous said...

There is definately something enjoyable about the joy of running older reliable dogs that get all there commands first time. Maybe it just helps to remind us that all that effort we put into training does pay off. From Colin in NZ

shirly said...

I get the feeling Crunchie does not like retired life and would like to run more Karen. It is in his voice saying take me. I have had dogs like that. Maybe Cruchie should go a little more so he will be happy. He has earned happiness.

Anonymous said...

That was an incredible story! I'd say Crunchie was telling you something.

Nannette Morgan said...

I agree with Shirly. I hope Crunchie gets to go on some runs; at least to teach the puppies what it's all about!

Thanks for sharing!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh. How special. I wish I could take one more ride behind my special driving horse who just passed away.

Lisa Myers said...

AWWW way to bring me to tears, Karen! That just makes my heart melt to imagine their's & your overwhelming joy! I have no idea what it is like to be "put out to pasture" so to say, but I can imagine itis heartbreaking for you! What a wonderful ride you all had.
Many hugs & kisses to all your wonderful "old" superstars.
Sitka's Mom, Lisa (Cols OH)

Summit the Super Mal said...

I'm sure there is a flood of memories that come back when you have that much experience out for a run. I loves me some Crunch!!