Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bet's Baby Book - Bet


I'm so sorry that I wasn't very chatty while the Musher was gone to Utah with Wolvie, but I was busy trying to recuperate and also I had to help Brittany Handler unpack and give her some tips on better managing her fashionable ensembles.

For all of you wondering, she has (amazingly enough) remained unscathed and unbruised so far, but the running of the dog teams will start next week, so we'll begin the Brittany Squish count down when that starts.  Right now there's busy busy busy preparing work going on to prepare for the official start of training.

Hey... did we actually mention what the schedule will be this year?  Hmmm, go ahead and comment or post on the Facebooks if we haven't and I'll get right on that... after my nap.

ANYHOO I have some very exciting cool stuffs and things to tell you about, which is why this blog post is called My Baby Book!  You'll never guess what came in the mail the other day.

No, really, try guessing!

I bet you'll never guess!!!


Wow... I mean, seriously peoples, you are really smart.  Yes, Ms. Jenny  sent me my baby book!  I now have more snippets of my family and what I looked like when I was just a young pup and most importantly... I KNOW WHEN MY BIRTHDAY IS!!!!

Ok, ok, so here I am as a tiny little border collie pup

Aren't I adorable!!!????!!!!!

And check this out!

MOM!!!  I look just like her!  I remember when I came in from playing with my siblings, she would always have warm waffle cookies waiting for us!

You could have knocked me over with a lamb when I read my papers and found out that I was named after her!  Yep, my real name is Trim!

When I came to live with Ms Jenny and Mr. Scott they already had a dog named Trim (no relation) and thought it would be confusing to have two dogs named the same thing (even though humans have the same names, I mean there doesn't seem to be that much confusion with 495,000,045,995,239 Davids in the world), but anyhoo, they decided to call me Bet!  So that is where I got my name.

This is the only picture I have of Dad.  We called him "sir" I don't know what his actual name was.  He was very strict and wanted all of us to grow up and be famous baa baa sheepie thing herders like he was in his prime.  He suffered a blown out knee during an International herdy thing contest and lost the trophy, so I guess he was a bit bitter.  He always thought that mom coddled us too much and spoiled us.

The only other picture in my baby book is one of me and my sister Tram being silly for the camera

Sir wasn't very happy that we were being goofy, but Mom thought it was funny.

The only other thing in my baby book was my birth certificate.

I was born on January 3, 2007!

My birthday is JANUARY 3RD!!!!

I feel so special now!  I know when my birthday is, and now I have pictures of some of my family that I'll keep in a special place that I'm not telling where because last time I said where my special hidey hole place was, Tramp ate all of the food I hid in there... eeesh.

- Bet