Monday, 15 October 2012

Some'dog' To Watch Over Me....

One of the reasons for getting the new bike that I did was that I wanted to be able to ride it on the trails around the kennel.
The bike and I have been home from Jasper for 3 days, so it was overdue for a 'test ride'. I rounded up my ever faithful, always up for adventure (as long as it doesn't involve livestock) pal Bet and we headed out.

I didn't suggest to Cricket that she come along, 'cause well....Cricket do I say this politely......ummmm.....oh heck - CRICKET IS SLOW!!! And it's not like I really just 'didn't suggest' - Cricket has never been good at taking suggestions - or commands really - she is a girl with her own mind, for sure!! So the truth of it is Bet and I snuck out of the yard when the 'Polar Bear' wasn't looking!!!

My bike is as wonderful on our trails as I hoped. Bet and I were having a blast zipping back and forth through the 'Green Land' that is adjacent to our land. We eventually zipped back, connected with our main 'out trail' where it leaves our land and headed down to the river.

I did have to walk the bike down the big sand hill leading to the river, but everything else I was able to get my 'Karate Monkey' up, down or through!!!
As we dropped down onto the river itself I noticed a bunch of BIG canine tracks "Hope those are Cricket's" I thought.

At that EXACT moment I heard a large animal huffing and puffing behind me. I think I spun around and jumped out of my skin all at the same moment. Ever brave Bet darted down the edge of the river.

There on the trail was a LARGE, WHITE, FEROCIOUS BEAST....yup....Cricket.

"What are you doing here", I gasped. She looked at me reproachfully. Yup, we were caught.

She stomped into the river, splashed around and got a drink while throwing evil glances over her shoulder.

"Ummm....sorry Cricket. I didn't realize you wanted to come along."

Yeah, that sounded weak to even me!!!

Cricket splashed in the river a bit more, I pedaled in the shallow sections and Bet tippy toed around the edge of the water (she doesn't like getting her toes wet - she says it reminds her of having a bath) before heading back up the hill and onto the dog trails.

Bike and Border Collie tracks

Sled dogs and bikes now!!!!
We did swing by the bench overlooking the beaver pond for a bit of a break. The view isn't quite as peaceful with Cricket along...

"Ummm...Cricket....maybe you could move your head a bit to the left."

Ah...that's better!!!!

The valley is almost ready for too!!!!


Summit the Super Mal said...

Lovely blog post.

Wild Dingo said...

I've always been a cyclist (even raced bikes for a bit). Then I got a Husky. Now I run more, but we bike too when I can find time /safe trails (I don't bikejor attached, instead we go with a GSD who keeps tabs on her). Isn't it funny how bikes and sled dogs seem to go together? It's because they're a means to do thing you love most: be outside! Cheers Karen!
Wild Dingo
ps. i'm ever fascinated with Bet and her herding work with the sibes. I see my GSD do it (not that well) but enough that I feel comfortable giving her some freedom and i certainly don't slack in paying attention to where she is at every moment. I really have to remind her to stay close and now that it's hunting season, she stays on leash more for sure!

Shirly said...

I love your blog and all the things that remind me of my many years at 10,500ft in the Colorado mountains and I lived on a mine and was isolated, but I had all the wild animals and 25 siberians and a German Shepherd. A hard life, without electric and we carried water in the winter on dog sled, but a good life and I worked as watchman on the mine and a cashier at the county landfill which was in the national forest and drove a fuel truck. Now I live on a farm 16 miles from town and all the ones I did know have passed away, so when I see all your wonderful pictures and Bet and Cricket it reminds me of better days and I so enjoy them. I could sure use Bet to train my pups. Actually the grooming area at their first show made them very uneasy. Especially Billy. My friends had to carry him to the show building. But in there he was fine. But you bring so many things I miss as in a sense I am isolated now as I don,t get out as much as I would like and you bring the good and decent and lovely things and for this I thank you.