Thursday, 11 October 2012


Things have been rather hectic around here the last few weeks, so ..... shockingly (I know)....I have gotten a bit behind in blogging!!!

So let me tell you about Utah!!!

Wolverine and I headed down to Utah on the first of October for the Siberian Husky Club of America National Specialty. The Siberian Husky Club of America Trust had asked me down to do a talk as a fundraiser for them, so that was the primary purpose of the trip, but I managed to sneak a few other things in - like showing Wolvie and picking up a new bike (more on those things in a bit!!).

The drive down was absolutely lovely and didn't seem to take nearly as long as it did (about 19 hours in total - though I broke it up a bit by staying overnight with my Mom!!).

Sunrise north of Lethbridge
The talk went REALLY well. Great crowd that was super fun to talk to. Thanks to everyone that turned out - both I and the Trust greatly appreciate it!!!
The Specialty was good fun. Wolvie was a true trooper. In typical 'Karen' fashion, I didn't get time to work with him much at all before the show, but he acted like he had been showing his whole live.
And he LOVED hotel living!!!

Although Wolvie didn't do any winning in the ring (and HUGE congratulations to everyone that did win at the Nationals!!!), I was far from disappointed. Wolvie embodies what I am looking for in a Siberian Husky - an excellent sled dog, beautiful conformation, and with a fantastic temperament. I was proud of him every moment!!!

The one thing Wolvie was not keen on was being in a crate without canine or human companionship. After I thought about that I realized I shouldn't be surprised, he has probably never been alone in his entire life!!!! Big, big thanks to David, Jennifer, Summit, Cobalt and Kai Craig for opening up their motor home for the big, tough sled dog to hang out in when I was off gallivanting!!!

And gallivant I did!!! My sweet, sweet hubby recently bought me a new bike (more on that in a later blog!!) and I was able to pick it up while in Utah.

First let me give a shameless plug to Racer's Cycle Service in Utah. How cool was it that I was able to do business with a guy that does an awesome job building bikes, but that is big into Husky Rescue!!!! So cool!!!!

AND Racer and his wife, Maren are just plain fantastic folks. Meeting and hanging with them was definitely one of the big highlights of my trip.

On Wednesday Maren took my new bike and I for an outing up the South Fork of Provo Canyon!!!! BEAUTIFUL trails!!!! GREAT company!!!!

Yeah I know - pathetic (or maybe cliche) that a Canadian chick gets so obsessed with maple leaves, but we don't have many of them in western Canada!!!!
Afterwards we popped over to Sundance (yes, THAT Sundance) for a quick look ('sticky' to all my Australian friends!!!) around. What an amazing place!

Thursday I had a date with dignified senior named Mozart at the Parade of Rescues at the Nationals. BTW - Mozart and a number of his buddies are still looking for homes. Check them out at Arctic Rescue and then had to bath the big, tough Iditarod dog. Yup, he cried like a baby!!! Thanks to Cassandra and Freya Buch for their help!!! "And 'they' think 'making' sled dogs run is cruel", quipped Cassandra as Wolvie carried on!!! LOL

Friday, after doing a few laps of the show ring with Wolv, Maren and I headed out for an afternoon ride at Sundance. So, so, so fun!!!

Saturday was more showing (again congratulations to all the winners - ESPECIALLY my dear friends Don and Mary Uhlir for their BOS win with Tempe (Ch. Oshvah's Stormy Weather)!!!!), dinner with Racer and Maren, and a bunch of packing for the long day of driving on Sunday.

Must say the Sunday drive was a bit 'tougher' with the busy week in front of it!!! Still enjoyable though!!!

Beautiful fall colours giving the mountains in Idaho a red toupee!!!
Another quick visit with my Mom and baby Brother, then back home just afternoon lunch on Monday ready for the next adventure!!!

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Mary Uhlir said...

As usual beautiful photos!
The SHCA Trust can’t thank Karen enough. Our first fundraiser was extremely successful with almost 100 people in attendance. And all proceeds go to Siberian rescue. Thank you again, Karen!
BTW you forgot to mention what a ladies man Wolvie was.