Thursday, 18 October 2012

Perryvale Cemetery

Despite having virtually ALL the girls in season right now, the dogs have been running really nicely. I took an 'all boy' team out today and although my leaders (Rocky and Todd) are far from 'polished' we managed to get everywhere we needed to go (with a bit of help from my 'third' lead dog - Brittany)!!!


With the way things are going it is time to bump their mileage up again. One of the trails that we use frequently at this time of year is the one that comes out by the Perryvale Cemetery. I love both the trail and the Cemetery, so I decided to check the trail out (you never know what has blown over, washed out or otherwise been made a mess of in the last 10 months) and start using it again.

Usually I check trails out with the ATV, but today decided that a trip on my bike would be a better option!!!

Since I didn't have a dog team, I stopped to visit some friends and otherwise poke around the cemetery.

I quite like cemeteries - and despite having visited some amazingly old and incredibly cool ones over the years, this one remains my favorite. You may think my reason odd, but what strikes me about this one is the sense of LIFE about it.

Where the cemetery that my very missed father is at allows no mementos (doesn't mean there aren't any - just that the groundskeepers can't see them ;) ), cleans up flowers immediately, and is always spotlessly clean.... this one is FILLED with all of the above.

I love the benches that are scattered about giving family and friends spots to spend time visiting and remembering.

This cemetery certainly has it share of 'old' (I know that is a 'relative' thing) graves...

....but mostly, at least to me, this is a place that is filled with love.

Spending time here always 'moves' me.

After my break I hit the trail again pedaling the 'old highway' ....

....over to our 'campground' ...

.....back across the river and home.

Other than a bit of a 'shocking' encounter with a(n) (illegal) electric fence that I will be chatting with a neighbour about (not that the electric fence is illegal, just his placement of said fence), it was a wonderful afternoon and I can run the dogs over some 'new' (for this year, at least) trail in the morning!!!

All good!


Anonymous said...

My grandmother is buried in a old cemtary in Pubelo, Colorado with no grave stone. So we found a hugh piece of marble finished smooth one day and I carved her name and date of birth and date. And bought special stuff to put on the letters and we all thought it was nice except the cemetary. I was told it could not stay. No words to tell you how mad I was. My husband put it at a rest area is Summit County Colorado and to this day people think she is buried there. He thought is amusing especially since it stayed to long. Oh and that same cemetary I inheirted two grave plots which are selling for 2,000 a piece. I was told I could not sell them. Not happy but interesting what cemetaries do.

Shirly said...

No I forgot my name it is Shirly that posted

WooPak said...

Karen know exactly what you mean re a cemetery having life. I've spent all my life near cemeteries. My grandparents house (where I summered every year) backed up to a giant cemetery and I grew up playing in it. My family is there. I could always just go up the hill and visit, and often did. But I encountered a cemetery much like this one in Oregon on a hillside. I had driven by numerous times and finally decided to stop. So glad I did. This sort of cemetery is so much more interesting!!