Sunday, 16 December 2012

PCT, Hats, Stuffs and Things

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

I have to say that I am overwhelmed with the support of all of our wonderously, fantabulous fans!

In record time, nearly all of our Pretty Curly Tails have been sponsored!  I think this calls for some celebratory waffles for everybodies!

There is one Pretty Curly Tail that currently doesn't have a sponsor... poor Crackle, she's a bit dejected.

Why does everyone hate me?
As I recall, we had a problem getting her a sponsor last year as well, and frankly, she's developed a complex, what with recently not doing well in lead, and now the whole sponsor thing.  She's sulking in her dog house.

If you could see it in your heart to sponsor little Crack Baby, she would appreciate it, and we wouldn't have to listen to her sobbing into her pillow at night... heartbreaking... truly heartbreaking. [Breaking news!!  Peoples took pity on poor Crackle after I posted this story. She now has a new sponsor named Pam!  -Bet]


I know there are a lot of last minute Christmas shoppers out there who have no idea what to get their loved ones.

What says "love" more than North Wapiti hats and mittens!  Nothing, that's what!

Heather Minion has volunteered to brave the horrible post office to ship out as many orders of mittens and hats as possible to get them there before the holiday!  But you have to hurry and order before Wednesday!  We even have a new "youth" sized hat for peoples with smaller heads!

Here is Cricket modeling one of the youth sized hats so you can an idea of their size

Eh?!  Stylish! Chic!  Warm too!

So get on over to the North Wapiti Store (sorry folks, the bloggers hates me and won't let me code an anchor straight to the hats and mittens, so just scroll down and shop while you're scrolling down), we still have toasty warm and stylish vests, and hats, mittens, and stuffs and things available to wrap up and tell your loved ones that you care about them not catching cold.

- Bet

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