Sunday, 9 December 2012

Snapshots From the Kennel...

Temperatures here in the Tawatinaw River valley plummeted pretty good last night to -30C (-28F). Since the ATV (which is still what I'm training big teams on) doesn't like be outside for any length of time at those temperatures,  the cold is only supposed to last a day and it's been a LONG while since I let Brittany sleep in, I decided last night that we would feed the kennel a bit later than our usual 6am feeding this morning.

Since it was actually light when we fed, here are a few snapshots from the feeding this morning!

Bait surveying the activity in the garage from his favorite perch on top of the straw pile!

Cricket 'taste testing' the Curly Tails kibble.

Bet doing quality control on the soup!


Dasher enjoying her breakfast

A 'blur of Bet' 'herding' puppies!

Crunchie shows off his 'just woke up' look!

Wifi chowing down his soup.

Turtle patiently waiting for his soup!

Bet showing off her frosty eyelashes!!!


The view down the driveway.

"Let me back in the house NOW"

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