Sunday, 9 December 2012

What a Wacky Week - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

It's your soon to be back Roving Border Collie Reporter, Bet here!

When I got word that I would be sent on assignment to the Eagle Cap Extreme race with the Musher, Pretty Curly Tails, and non-other than Helen (smells of cookies) Handler next month, I knew that I had to get my reporter skills back up to speed again!

I wanted to get into the thick of things and volunteered to go on a training run with the Musher and training Pretty Curly Tails.  The Musher told me that I couldn't go because I was "distracting".

Distracting?  Me?  Seriously?  I'm not distracting!  I'm all for running next to the quad quietly until some action kicks off!  Actually I'm all for sitting on the back of the quad until some action kicks off!  Ok, frankly she said I could go, but then I got involved in trying to figure out which of my ensembles would be best for "Reporter on the back of a quad looking professional and yet aloof" and she left without me.


Of course, since I didn't go, this happened:

That's right, a renegade tree attacked the Musher.  Was I there to fight off the tree with my ninja skills?  Nope.  Was I there to report on the attack?  Nope.  Ok, so I was napping, but still, I should have been there if only the Musher had waited 5 more minutes until I found my smooshy, warm Ugg booties.

Of course, this was Brittany Handler's reaction

I admit... I snickered a bit, but nursed the Musher back to health by snuggling and not demanding she make me waffles.

I mean come on... there was blood involved and euw, blood... I almost fainted.

Thankfully the Musher took the next day off for some rest and recuperation and she told me that she felt sorry about not taking me along, and how she needed to make sure that she was cultivating my Roving Border Collie Reporter skills and stuffs and things, and so she told me to hop on the quad, she would drive us out to put more foods and stuffs (and things) near the game camera.

I had heard Brittany Handler saying it was a bit cold out, and wanted to grab at least a nice scarf, but I didn't want to get left behind again, so I ran out....


Holy cheese and crackers!  mmmm cheese and crackers... anyhoo, IT WAS FREEZING OUT THERE!  No, wait, I think it was even too cold for things to freeze!

I didn't want to seem like a wussy or anything, I mean here is the Musher with dried nose blood and a headache going out, the least I could do was go along!

brrrrrrrrrr  Um, Musher, can I catch a ride, I can't feel my toesies
Um, this isn't much better, because now we're driving fast and it's colder... if there is such a thing
Oh lovely, I have snotsicles!  Even my ear wax is freezing!
Oh boy... I think I'm frozen to the quad seat.  This is gonna hurt
Can we go back now?  See if you can't find my tail, I think it fell off about a mile back
Yeah, so that wasn't so fun.  It took me 5 hours to warm up.


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Helen J said...

Bet doesn't have a nice warm dog cat fr quad rides?