Sunday, 26 May 2013

Photographing Bet

Apparently some native tribes used to believe that photographs were stealing a piece of ones soul. The legendary Crazy Horse, even on his deathbed, refused to have his photo taken and was never photographed alive.

Now, I've checked Bet's registration papers and I see no native Americans in her ancestry. Her Momma was from Texas and her Daddy from 'Richardland' (aka England). However she is still morally opposed to having her picture taken.

When a friend once tried to take a picture of her riding on the back of my ATV, she leapt off the moving machine and nose planted HARD into the gravel of our driveway. Just because a camera was pointed in her direction.

At her best and most cooperative, she slumps her shoulders and sticks her ample ears out the side of her head when I turn a camera her way. She is, by far, the hardest dog I've ever photographed - and I've photographed a LOT of dogs over the years!

This morning we were puttering around the our land and stopped by the Bench that overlooks our beaver pond. We sat and watched a couple geese paddling around below and enjoyed the recently rain washed landscape.
Bet looked so cute sitting next to me and seemed to be in a pretty agreeable mood, so I scooted a bit down the hill and pointed my camera up at her.

"Don't point that thing at me"

Come on Bet, just one picture.

"How's this?"

Hmmm, yeah - not very good. You look like you have gas

"Don't you remember the last time we were here and those squirrels attacked me"

They didn't attack you. They were chasing each other and didn't NOTICE you till the last minute.

"Either way - they nearly ran me over"

Just look at me, smile, I'll take your picture and we will go.

What the heck is that look??

"Did you hear that??"


"What???? Oh, okay"

NO, you need to smile AT the camera. Come on!!!

Ears forward too!!!

"Oh FINE!!! But I'm not putting my ears all the way forward. A squirrel might sneak up on me"

That'll do Bet, that'll do!


Anonymous said...

Some dogs are just that way, camera shy; you are never going to get a good picture of me!

Had one like that, never did get a decent picture of that dog.

ElizabethMC said...

I would be willing to bet if you held a very, yummy treat to your mouth that would get her attention real quick!

The Dancing Donkey said...

Definitely a Border Collie. I tried to get photos of 3 BC's this weekend for my blog, I took nearly 200 photos and ended up with 5 or 6 OK shots that I posted. Thank God for digital cameras!

Jenny Glen said...

She actually looks like her brother for the first time in those photos!