Wednesday, 5 November 2014

My Work is Never Done - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

It's your not roving, not reporting Border Collie, Bet, here!

Winter is fast approaching so we have chores to do here at North Wapiti to prepare for the oodles of snow!

Of course, this type of work requires an officially official supervisor... namely ME to get things done the right way... today we had to put the tractor away or something.

This is the tractor (no gratuitous advertising... unless they want to sponsor us... we like sponsors... hint)

We had to move the tractor away from all of the snow (see background)... and my feets are cold.

Due to regulations, I'm not allowed to wear any FABulous ensembles near the machinery... which is a pity because I have some rocking ensembles that would look FABulous with the green of the tractor... alas... rules is rules.

The Musher insists on driving ever since that small incident where the pedal got stuck and I just brushed against the garage ever so slightly.  Not my fault the garage walls are paper thin and I told you I'd pay for the damage with my allowance whenever I get out of the hole after our Fantabulous Alaska adventure...

I'm pretty sure the tractor goes faster than .00000001 MPH Musher... no, seriously, there's this pedal thing that you stomp on.

See, it's right there... you stomp on it... really hard... try it... also try brushing the oogie things off the foot rest while you're at it.

Here, let me help you press the pedal harder... I'll just reach down there and rest my head on your warm leg.... and... zzzzzzz

Eventually we were able to park the tractor and get it all situated and stuffs and things, and guess who came along to take all of the credit...

There's something wrong with that cat... something horrible.

- Bet

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