Saturday, 1 November 2014

Straw Inspector

I brought home our winter load of straw today.

Apparently 'quality control' is important and KD volunteered for the task.

"I'm a professional....don't try this at home"

"Good bouquet.....

"Seems dry"

"No mice to be found (drat)"

"Colour is good"

"Is this the entire shipment?"

"I think it was left in the field a few days too long...."

".......but it should do"

"Afterall, it is just for the dogs!"

"Where do I sign off on the shipment?"

 Errrr....hummmmm.....thanks KD. Couldn't have gotten the job done without you! (???????)

1 comment:

Helen Johnson said...

So happy to hear KD has a real job at the kennel.