Friday, 14 November 2014

The New Litter - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies,

I certainly appreciate your patience while I recover from this horrific ghastly stomach churning wonderful miracle of nature.

As most of you know from the Facebooks (and if you aren't on the Facebooks, you really should at least check in once in a while, you don't need an account, you can see everythings and stuffs here), Kelly and Turtle were expecting a litter, and as her due date arrived, the Musher passed the time by crocheting and the rest of us waited.

When she didn't seem to be in any hurry, we decided to stare at her and will her to ploop out the puppies.

The Musher crocheted and we waited.

and we waited...

... and waited...

... and waited...

... and waited...

... and we waited...

... and we waited...

The official "Waiting" poster will be available for sale by clicking this linky link
FINALLY it was time!!!


Except Kelly decided that if she was going to ploop out some puppies, she wasn't going to do it just anywhere, or in that perfect little comfy pool where all of the ick and stuffs would be contained.... oh no... where does she decide to ploop out the puppies?


MY cloud!!! She plooped out puppies on MY bedroom cloud!!!!!!!!!!

Urp... I get nauseous just thinking about it again.

She couldn't ploop them out on my living room cloud.  Why couldn't she ploop them out on my living room cloud, you may ask?


Sweet mother of everything holy, that Kelly is a one dog wrecking crew (don't ask the Musher about her heating pad or iPhone charger... just DON'T go there...)

Sigh... seriously?

Ok, fine, the puppies ARE adorable.  4 little boys and 2 little girls.

Aren't they adorable???  Yes they are, and because we had oodles of peoples that guessed 4 boys and 2 girls, we had to draw a winner of the puppy pool... and the winner is:

Congratulations R. A. Becky Campbell, contact Heather Minion with your mailing address, we'll send you some North Wapiti Kennels swag!
E-mail Heather Minion at:
Musher Minions (

Soooo, anywhooooooooooo... all of my clouds are ruined... utterly and totally RUINED I TELL YOU!!!

To help raise the funds for my replacement clouds, I'll be auctioning off the 6 hats the Musher crocheted while we waited (and waited, and waited, and ... see above).  Hopefully between that and the "Waiting" posters that we'll also have for sale in the next day or two, I'll be able to buy new replacement clouds... until then... sniff... I just don't know where I can sleep.

Oh, and I heard that some of you are waiting to find out the theme of this litter...

Well, since Kelly is the Mom, and Turtle is the dad, and Turtle's nickname is "Turd", it's quite clear that this litter is the Poutine litter!  Get it:  Kurds!

So, we have:

and Sauce

They don't seem to like their new hats very much though...


Unknown said...

Oh Good heavens Bet this bloggity blog post was a hoot!! As for the one dog destruction crew... KELLY your musher must really really really love you! But, I think you'd serve well to be on your best behavior for the next 8-12 weeks. Even mushers have their limit and going for their heating pad is really pushing it.

Loving the litter theme and their names! Now to see if I can win me a hat. Not likely since I'm still hiding a big November budget blowy uppy thing my my better half but, I can try. :D

Falcon's Sponsor said...

Well done to Kelly and Turtle! My class love the puppies and there have been lots of 'oohs' and 'aahs' and 'I want one' but how do you give 6 puppies to 16 kids! Loved the waiting cartoons !