Monday, 17 November 2014


This morning dawned cold, clear and sparkling over the kennel. A cloudless night dropped the temperatures and blanketed everything with a layer of frost. Old jet trails, probably from military jets out of Cold Lake, were the only things marring the blue of the sky as dawn broke. 

I love these mornings when the frost latches onto anything it can and the snow, even spare and old snow like we have now, squeaks under your boots.

The dogs dance and dig into their meals.

It makes you appreciate the simple things like warmth, food, sunshine...

It's been a complicated week at the kennel - death, frustration, joy, confusion, birth.......

I don't pretend to understand or make sense of any of it.

I don't know that we are even supposed to.

But I do know that every morning I wake up and turn my face to the rising sun, I am happy for it.

Life is beautiful it.

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AK Michele RN said...

Well said Karen...Thanks for sharing.