Saturday, 6 December 2014

News Flash - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!!!

I've got so many stuffs and things to tell you about, so you better go to the bathroom now, get your beverage of choice, and then settle in for all of the excitement!!

I'll wait for you to return.

You back yet?  Yes, yes, I know, you forgot your beverage, go get it, we'll wait.

Back yet?


Ok, now that you're all settled, here goes...

First of all, we've officially official-like have posted the 2015 North Wapiti Pretty Curly Tails (and others) Sponsorship page!  WOOT!  I KNOW!

There are plenty of Pretty Curly Tails available this year.  Since this isn't a biggie big race season we've slashed the prices on sponsorship!  You still get FABulous North Wapiti swag for your sponsorship, so never fear, swag is yours when you sponsor!

As usual, we have group sponsorships available at low low prices for the North Wapiti Kennels support group, and we also have made available a super cheap group sponsor opportunity for the Sibes of Anarchy!

Please note: we know this is cute, and you want it on a shirt, but due to copyright and trademark issues, it ain't happening
So get over to the sponsor page (click this link, it's also on the bloggity blog in a tab at the top and on the side of the bloggity blog) and start sponsoring us!

Now, if you aren't on the Facebooks (and you should be at least checking out the Facebooks, you don't need a Facebooks account, you can still see everythings and stuffs) then you are probably saying to yourself "self, who are the Sibes of Anarchy?"  Well, that's the name the Musher and Musher Mark came up with for the Poutine Litter... which I think was a great theme but anyhooooo

Without further ado (because ado is so messy), here they are:


Awwwww!  Aren't they adorable?

Until they roar into town and start a ruckus

There's oodles more information, but we wanted to give a shout out to Alpine Outfitters (official sponsor of North Wapiti Kennels) for using this FANTABULOUS Jeff Schultz photo for their Gift Certificates campaign

For gifty Alpine Outfitters certificates, click here
Excellent gifty gift idea for the holidays, but don't spend all of your money there... because we have some merchandise to unload at low low regular prices!  Stay tuned for more information!!!

- Bet

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