Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Twas The Night Before Christmas - Bet

POUTINES!!!!!  Come inside so I can read you a story before bedtime!

Ok, are you all ready for your bedtime story?  This involves the mystical and magical Santa Claws, who brings us all sorts of goodies tomorrow, like shrimp and pasta, waffles, and fluffy clouds!!!!

There's no such thing as Santa Paws!!!!

Oh little gravy Gem, yes there is... he comes every year and he gives us all sorts of goodies in his gigantic bag of goodies... he drives a sleigh and with 8 tiny magical stompy hooved reindeer things.

Auntie Bet, you're being silly, there's no such thing as magical reindeer things!  Just big stompy mooses... we heard all about it from Irving who told us all about how he single handedly beat up a stompy moose thing!

Stompy mooses are bigger thingies, but there is a Santa Claws and there are magical stompy reindeer thingies but you'll never see them because they come at night... they come TONIGHT and that's why it's important that all of you go to bed right now so he'll come... I'm expecting a fashionable ensemble I've had my eye on for quite some time and I think the Musher wants a lumberjack... or a shirt or something.

But we don't want to go to bed Auntie Bet, we want to PLAY and PLAY!!!

No my little Poutines, you have to go to bed now, because if you don't go to bed, then Santa Claws won't come and I won't be fashionable, so off to sleep you go!

ACK, no seriously, you have to go to bed, I command you to go to sleep now!

Ok Auntie Bet, we'll go to sleep, but I'm going to stay up all night and wait for this Santa Claws fella because I want everything he's got in that magical sack of his!

And what's up with all of these light things!!??

Well, Santa needs those lights to guide him to the kennel... there are some outside too, so it's like he's landing at a major airport, we want him to see us and bring us goodies!

Off you go everybodies, get to sleep and dream of sugar drops and gum fairies or something like that!

To all of our fans, everybodies at North Wapiti Kennels wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

- Bet


Ann McDonald said...

Sweet Dreams, Bet. I really hope you are 'fashionable' when you wake up tomorrow. Those are some really cute minions- er- nieces and nephews you've got there. Tell the Musher we said Merry Christmas... and to all a good night.

sketchwoman said...

Merry Christmas Bet, Little Poutines, and the rest of the gang at North Wapiti. I hope Santa Claws is good to all of you!

Sandra Stealey said...

Merry Christmas to all of you, too. Love the creativity and the beautiful North Wapiti dogs (and pups). Thanks for sharing this lovely and enjoyable Christmas read.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!

Shirly said...

I hope you get everything you want and there are things for the puppies too.

Anonymous said...

Bet, You've missed your calling. You should have been a writer rather than a "caretaker" to your nieces and nephews! Someone continues to be very creative.

Louise Midkiff said...

Bet, you actually put the puppies to bed on your very own Cloud for Christmas? Wow! Well, I hope it all works out for you. I thought it was SANDY CLAWS, but I guess he doesn't really care as long we get it a good close. Merry Christmas, y'all.