Thursday, 18 December 2014

Photo shoot with the Girls

The 'Girls of Anarchy' thought it would be nice to have a portrait done of just the two of them.

Okay Gem thought it was a good idea.....

"Come on Charm....."

"Now look at the camera and smile"

"But I want to nap"
"I SAID IWANNANAP!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Smile for the picture - or else...."

"I give up"

"Okay. Take it now"
"WAIT - I wasn't ready"

"I think I'm meant to work alone"


Anonymous said...

The girls are soooooooo adorable. You are one lucky lady to have all that cuteness around the clock. Will the boys be showing off their cuteness? Me screensaver is currently changing daily with each Christmas pic you post of the pups! Just love it. Sitka's Mom(Ohio one)

Louise Midkiff said...

You could name her Mae West. You know, as in "I vant to be alooone."