Friday, 23 January 2015

Eagle Cap Extreme Day 2 - Bet

HOOO howdy ho Everybodies!!

What a day!!!!

Just to save you from the suspense, the Musher and all 8 Pretty Curly Tails finished today, tails wagging and the dogs were happy too (hehehe, I made a joke there).

After the team left yesterday, the boring sitting around and waiting stuffs and things began.  Our Oregano Outpost was very nice.  The couch was very comfy.

The floor was even pretty comfy, but then again I was EXHAUSTED from the day's events.

And at bedtime, I had three choices of sleeping places.

This bed is too hard
This bed is too soft
This bed is just right
In the morning all of the minions and Lisa Oi were still asleep so I took charge and started updating everybodies

A Coolie's work is never done
We all went to get coffee and some kind of addictive tasty cinnamon roll thingie, then we waited

Kristin and Shelly Minions waiting
And took scenic pictures

Kristin and Shelly Minion and me... in my same ensemble as yesterday
Yeah, about me wearing the same fashionable ensemble... it seems that my FORMER personal assistant Lisa Oi forgot to pack the bag with the rest of my ensembles.  I fired her immediately.

She was distraught and threatened to leap from the dog truck.

Or she may have been recreating the same picture that her husband posed for during the 2014 Iditarod or something... I choose to believe she was so ashamed at forgetting my ensembles that she would have plunged.  I have no idea why Kristin is crawling around inside the dog truck.

Anyhoooo... before we knew it... here comes the team!!!

The Musher did the usual bag check...

Then sat down with the Pretty Curly Tails and thanked them for a wonderful race.

Then thanked me for being such a good Roving Border Collie Reporter

Gave the team their well earned soup

Packed everything up

Made sure the Pretty Curly Tails were tucked into their boxes

Sleepy Astro
Then we left to go find the nearest coffee shop

No Musher, the coffee shop is to the left... LEFT... GEE or HAW or something
Then we got some well deserved rest ourselves

All is right in the world once again

I have some more pictures, I'll bloggity blog them later

- Bet

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Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Summi's Mummi is a furri furri nice bed
buddi -

Wish I had tried it when she khame to Khamp Khyra last fall!