Monday, 19 January 2015

North Wapiti Items Available - Bet

Howdy Ho everybodies!!!

We've been going through boxes and things (and stuffs) and STILL have North Wapiti merchandise that simply must go!

Yes, yes, we do plan on having new stuffs and things, but until we get rid of our inventory, we have no room to store it, so help us unload this stuffs (and things) and look really cool and even retro, and fashionable and FABulous.

Here's what we have available, in limited numbers, and for goodness sake if it's not listed, we don't have it, we're sorry.  If you clicky the button and it says it's gone, then it's gone.  All prices include shipping.

We also wanted to warn you that the stuffs and things won't ship until after the Eagle Cap Extreme, so please be patient.

Ok, so here's what we have:

1 XL T-shirt $20.00

To order the t-shirt use the button below


5 XXL Red Hoodie $52.00

To order the red hoodie, use the button below


Sweatpants $42.00
2 small
2 medium
1 large
5 Xtra Large

To order the sweatpants, use the button below


2014 Gray Hoodies $60.00
6 small
2 medium
5 Xtra Large
1 XX Large
1 XXX Large

To order the grey hoodie, use the button below


Red Vests $58.00
1 X Small
3 Small

To order Red and/or Gray vests, use button below

Gray Vests $58.00
7 small
2 medium

To order Red and/or Gray vests, use button below


Hat $33.00
1 Youth Sized red hat

To order hat, use button below


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