Friday, 9 January 2015

Life's Daily Lessons - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

I know it's been pretty quiet on the bloggity blog and such lately, but it's been frightfully cold, stuffs and things are a' happening to get ready for the big race soon.  What?  You didn't know about the big race?

The Musher and Pretty Curly Tails will be racing in the Eagle Cap Extreme in a week or two or so, or whatever.  There's been vet checks and shots (ick) and making sure everythings is fine and dandy and busy, busy, busy stuffs... and things.

But business doesn't mean that training the Poutines of Anarchy come to a screeching halt.  Oh no.  There are many lessons they must learn in their puppiness and one of the most important things (and stuffs) they must learn is:

How to Deal with Door to Door Salespeoples

Honestly, we don't get a lot of door to door salespeoples here thanks to the diligent Homeland Security team.

Um... yeah, I got nothing.

Anyhooo, if a salespeople happens to get by Bear when he's practicing his ballet, then the Poutines of Anarchy need to know how to handle them.

For this lesson, I am pretending to be a vacuum cleaner salespeoples and Gem is the lady of the house.

Howdy Ma'am, I'm a vaccum cleaner salespeople and I was wondering if the lady of the house was home!

Gem: Let me check!

Um... Gem... YOU are the lady of the house...

Gem: OOOH, um, yes salespeople, I'm the lady of the house, whatcha got?

I happen to be selling the best vacuum cleaner in the whole entire worldy world!

Gem: OOH, I'll take 6!

NO, NO!  Gem, you're not supposed to buy 6 vacuum cleaners!  The Musher doesn't even have 6 carpets!  What will she do with all of those vacuum cleaners?

Gem: ummm, I don't know.

How about you just have Jax answer the door if anybodies knocks... ok?

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