Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Horrible Incident - Bet

Howdy ho everybodies, I'm not having a good day today... sigh.

First of all, the Musher had to get new wheels.  It's a van.  Initially I wasn't really into the whole "van" thing, but then I thought, hey!  There is so much potential for a van, like a wall to wall dog bed!

I can ride in comfort and style while my personal chauffeur drives me around!  I started searching the interwebs for cool van dog beds, and was planning my ensembles for Alaska because I was going to do some of the Willow club scene while the Musher was off in the middle of nowhere doing the Iditarod judge thing.

Then the Musher showed me this.



Musher, there appears to be a big fat bike in the back of the van... where am I going to put my huge dog bed and my suitcase of ensembles?

The Musher then said:  You aren't going to Alaska, Bet.

I'm not speaking to her.

I'm having a hard time with this, because I was really looking forward to doing some hob nobbing, socializing, and some dancing at the hipster places in Alaska.

I took to my clouch for a nap because I was so stressed out.

Then this happened...

I fell out of my clouch.

It has NOT been a good weekend

- Bet


Darrel & Linda Ferguson said...

Who is going to report the stuff that's going on for us? We all count on you Bet. The clouch should of fit in the new van. YIKES that was a bad day for all of us!

Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

Oh Bet! This is awful! I so look forward to your reports from alaska and to seeing you all dressed up. Has the Musher bumped her head or something? This isn't right!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I agree! Intolerable!!!

Louise Midkiff said...

Oh, Bet! I know exactly how you feel. Orbit the Yeti does the same thing when he's not speaking to me: He turns his back to me and takes a "I'm too stressed to look at you" nap. But he still loves me, even when I've done something so horrible as to leave him at home.