Thursday, 19 March 2015

It's Time for the Cartoonist's Birthday (Again) -Bet

Howdy Ho, Everybodies!

While the Musher is​ busy​ tickling Elmo at the Iditarod checkpointy, searching through sled bags for Eskimo salad and a Starbucks latte, she is missing out on other biggie big events.

​For instances, today is the start of the Cartoonist's Birthday Week. AND the Spring​ Equine Knocks​. Yeah, ​horsies may knock on your door today. Whatevs. Don't let them in. I've heard they like clouches.

Anyhoo, since it is the fanTABulously talented Cartoonist's birthday, ​I pulled rank and made Opie use the Musher's credit card! We ordered her a nifty gifty from the famous Unaparakeet checkpoint.

Who wouldn't enjoy a little sumthin'​ special​ from th​at​ isolated, windy, colder-than-you-know-what town on the Bear in Sea​???

Tic just asked me this: If all of the walls in a house are facing south and a bear is circling the house, what color is the bear? WOOT! That is a tricky trick question!! Does anybodies know?

​Oopsie, I digressed...

Turns out that the P​eace on Earth Restaurant in Unaparakeet will deliver​!!!!​

​Opie and I clickity-clicked and tried to get this sent to the Cartoonist:

The error message said "​Sorry, ​you don't have enough credit for super-duper drone delivery".

WHA??? hrrumph

There also might have been an FAA warning pop up about violating restricted air space but we didn't see anything, did we, Opie?

Anyhoo, we decided it was in everybodies best interest to go with their "cheep"er airborne delivery method:​

The​ good folks at POE assured me their long-distance parakeet was up to the task (​and​ confirmed that they would not send any beady-eyed, pokey pokey hummingbirds​!! Phew​). 

After a brief P&R stop (​Poop and ​R​efuel) at NorthWapiti earlier, the Unaparakeet Pizza Delivery Service is flappity-flap-flapping along to the Cartoonist's chimney for the drop off. Ho Ho Ho

Oh, yeah......I should mention that Bear had a brief encounter with the airborne intruder but I called him off. There were a few ruffled feathers, if you catch my drift...and sorry about the squished box! It might get there by April....

(I don't know nuthin' 'bout ​a missing piece.....Bait! Did you steal a slice?? I tell you what, it's a zoo around here!!)

Nom nom nom
Have a Very Happy Birthday Week, Cartoonist!!

Luv ya,

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The bear is white