Friday, 13 March 2015

Wednesdays with Opie - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies!

Ooh, you caught me preparing for my latest Wednesdays interview... just getting the clouch into position for the biggie big interview, so hang on a second while I get it just right.

Okey Dokey, I think we're ready for our new interviewy guest... OPIE!!!


There he is!  Welcome Opie!!!  I'm so glad you could make it to our interview!

Opie: I'm very pleased to be here, thank you for your gracious invite to come discuss interesting topics and subject matter!

Bet: Um... wow!  I have to admit that after interviewing your brothers and sisters, I certainly didn't expect you to be so reserved and well spoken!

Opie: <chuckles> Oh yes, my siblings are certainly a bit rambunctious and like to have fun.  I like to have a bit of fun, but honestly I prefer curling up with a good book or doing some research on Post-Impressionist painters.

Bet: Wow, that's impressive!  I have to ask, how do you get books and do research out in the puppy pen?

Opie:  Oh, I found out that the crows are more than willing to bring you things if you give them something tasty, so I portion out my daily feeding so I can give the crows some of my food and they've managed to bring me enough components to build a small tablet.  I also bribed Tic to give me the WiFi password so I can get all manner of information at high speed.

Bet:  Um... wow... ok... um... so... who is your favorite painter?

Opie: I've been doing some research on Van Gogh, who was the first to visualize and put onto canvas the turbulence of air!

Bet: Oh, that crazy guy with one ear?

Opie: Well, there is some speculation that he didn't actually cut off his ear, and also that he didn't kill himself, but that's all very circumstantial and still in the discovery phase as historians reveal more information about the last few days of his life.

Bet: Well... alrighty then... um... so when you aren't reading and doing research, what are you doing?

Opie: Well, this may sound crazy, but I'm thinking of building a trebuchet out of kennel scraps to see if cats are aerodynamic, but don't say anything to the cats.

Bet:  Um... ok... but only if you tell me when you plan to launch because I want to watch and record that for a bloggity blog post.

Opie: It's a deal!  hehehehe

Bet:  heheheheheheeeeee  That sounds like fun, I can't wait.

Opie: I KNOW!  Can you imagine the look on their faces!!!

Bet: Wait... was that the cat door... did they hear us?

Opie: I hope not, this would throw a wrench in all of my plans... dang!  I'd better go check.

Bet: Anything?

Opie: Nah, we're good, it was just Bear doing his rounds, we're good.

Opie: Hey, I found a great recipe for Quiche Lorraine on Pinterest, I can whip that up for the both of us if you want?

Bet: Um, no, that's ok... the Musher gets really wacky if we mess with her kitchen stuffs and things...

Opie: She's in Alaska, she'll never know, it'll just take a jiffy... go get some eggs.

Bet: Um, no really, she reads the bloggity blog sometimes, so she'll know... besides I have more questions for you!!

Opie: Ok, fine...

Opie: I gotta say, this clouch thing is pretty comfy.  I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I just took it back to the puppy kennel.  I mean, you have a whole bunch of them in here, you wouldn't miss it.

Bet:  Um... this is my clouch... and that's my other clouch, I need them both

Opie: but you have two clouches, the smaller one will fit in the dog house!

Bet: No, no you can't have it, and as a matter of fact, you're touching my clouch, I'm not really ok with that right now

Opie:  I can just wait until you're out and have Bait drag it into the puppy kennel for me.

Bet: NO!  Listen to me little Poutine, they are MY clouches, you have to learn how to be a rough and tumble sled dog so you can run biggie big races with the Musher so you can't have clouches in races, it wouldn't fit in the sled

Bet: Don't make me gnaw on your leg!



Opie: Fine, geesh, I didn't realize it would be such a big deal.  I'll just order a Sleep Number bed or something

Bet:  Wait... you can order stuffs and things?  Um... There is this FABulous ensemble I've had my eye on ...

Um... that's all we talked about... really, that's it.  We wouldn't dare use the Musher's credit card to order stuffs and things online... nope... wouldn't even think of it at all.

I did want to make a special announcement that we're going to move the Wednesday interviews to Fridays because I have weekly appointments at the local spa on Wednesdays now... this is totally unrelated to the fact that my small clouch is now in the puppy pen and any charges that may appear on the Musher's credit card.

- Bet


Lydia Martin said...

Best blog post ever!!

Jane Eagle said...

Thanks: I laughed all the way! And that Opie is waaaaay past the legal limit on cute (Bet is always elegant).

merryloon said...

Can't wait till next session!

KiwiHuskyMum said...

So I'm guessing this is your favourite poutine, Bet? Are you keeping this one for your personal slave... errr I mean pet?

Anonymous said...

Love it. Written by someone with a great sense of humour. Sadly often lacking these days.
Loved the pics as well. Now that took some patience I bet (Bet?) Wonder just how many pics you took to arrive at these ones.

Merm said...

Bet, you and Opie make quite the "intellectual" pair! You always make me laugh! And I won't say a word to the musher about the credit card!

Nannette Morgan said...

Very nice job Auntie Bet. Question: Why does Opie have blue dye on one ear?