Sunday, 29 March 2015

Poutine Ninja Training Part 2 - Bet

Howdy Ho Everybodies, now that the Musher is FINALLY home again and all is right with my world.

I can now bloggity blog about Ninja training with Tig and Charm!

As you can see they were very excited about learning Ninja skills and stuffs (and things).

Charm got a bit too excited and wanted to just start chewing, but chewing is only a small part of Ninjaness, so I had to settle them down and start proper training with them.

Bet:  Ok, Ok, break it up, break it up Poutines, we've got to get serious here!  Ok, so what happens when you are playing around like that and something oogie sneaks up on you?  All the oogie thing needs to do is start stomping on you!

Charm: You can stomp on Tig Auntie Bet!

Bet: No, no, I'm not going to stomp on Tig, but follow me to some open area so I can show you some techniques to avoid being stompy stomped, are you coming Tig?

Bet: Tig, are you coming?

Tig: There's a tasty pinecone here!  And a chew stick!

Bet: You can chew on things after the lesson... what did you just call me?

Bet: Ok, part of proper Ninja training is that you never let your partner get dragged off by wild things, so Tig, I'm going to pretend that I'm the wild thing and I'm dragging Charm off into the woods to stomp on her... what do you do?

Tig: Oooh, there's a stick

Bet: Um, Tig, I'm dragging Charm off to the woods here, isn't there something you need to be doing?

Tig:  OOOH, that's a tasty bit of stick right here!

Bet: Um, Tig?

Bet: Is he even paying attention?

Charm:  Nah, he really has issues with multi-tasking.

Tig:  om nom nom, tasty stick.

Tig: Look!  A birdie in the tree!


Yeah, so that didn't work out very well at all, so I just wrestled for a bit, then I went in and took a nap.

I just don't think the Poutines are Ninja material.

- Bet


Kristine Michaels said...

They are lovely,though maybe not Ninja material. Absolutely lovely Siberians. LOVE to read your bloggity blog... :) <3

Darrel & Linda Ferguson said...

I think they're just too cute o be ninjas. I did notice they're almost as big as you now! bet!