Saturday, 18 November 2006

November 18, 2006 Newt

It is not a secret that Mark and Newt are buddies. Newt and I have a rockier relationship, but Newt and Mark seem to especially understand and enjoy each other.

But now it seems Newt has taken his idolizing of Mark a little too far. See, first Mark missed most of last season with a broken leg – and now it seems Newt will be sitting out most of this season for the same reason!! Poor Newt!

Newt’s reason had nothing to do with a slip on the ice though – it is all due to a dogfight.

Matt (new kennel handler) and Newt

Why is it that small dogs often are the scrappiest?? Young Nitro fancies himself a tough guy, despite his rather small stature and young age. In Nitro’s hormone-glazed eyes, the path to status and respect goes straight through big, tough Newt.

Nitro has taken a few ‘shots’ at Newt of late, but Newt, showing commendable restraint, refused to rise to the bait. I figured they were better off remaining living next to each other to ‘sort’ things out. WRONG! In what looks like a fluke situation, Nitro got in a ‘lucky’ bite and managed to break Newt’s foot.

The vets are predicting a full recovery, but the boy is out of action for 8 weeks or so. He is less than impressed with his restricted space – first he was crate ridden for a few days and is now residing in Fly’s small kennel (Fly never uses it anyway).

Newt on 3 legs is still a boisterous and agile creature. Twice last night he managed to escape while Mark was getting into his pen. I imagine the better he feels, the more of a challenge to keep ‘quiet’ he will be.

 And I already thought he was rather obnoxious at the best of times! It will be a long 2 months, for both him and us, I figure.


November 21st (Follow up)

I owe Mark an apology. I've been claiming that it was pitiful that he was outrun by a 3 legged dog the other night - however last night I was sprinting across the yard after the cripple after he escaped on me and I could not catch him either. He's pretty speedy, even on 3 legs!

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