Sunday, 15 March 2009

Needing Another Short Term Handler

Well, burying my head in the sand and pretending that this wouldn't happen hasn't worked. Helen is leaving this morning. I am very sad, but the reality is that she has to get back to her own life. We have loved having her here and will all miss her deeply (well, maybe not Bait, but the rest of us will)

That does leave me in a bit of a situation though. I really could use another handler, at least until spring really arrives and we are able to put buckets back out on the dog houses.
So, if anyone is up to a 6 week or so adventure, please get in touch.

I'm sure you all know the details - horrible hard work for not much more then the gratitude of a bunch of dogs and their musher.

I do run alot of puppies and yearlings at this time of year - which is alot of fun - and if you were here within the next few weeks, you would be able to do some running on sleds before the trails fall apart.

Let me know ( if you are interested and available.


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