Monday, 23 March 2009


It started quietly with a few scattered flakes but very quickly snow fell heavily from the sky and a full fledged storm was underway.

The dogs wisely retreated to their snug houses, most curled up with their backs to the door, but a few watching intently for an end to it all. The big guard dog nestled in her favorite spot between the garage and the lawn mower and the cats banged at the door until they were invited in to weather out the weather.

For the better part of the day the wind swirled and the house shook. The snow began to collect and grow. By late in the afternoon a pristine blanket of white covered the woods and the yard - a blank canvas.
When it was apparent that the storm had moved on a few dogs began to stir. They stretched and shook, then trotted around on their chains making big circles in the snow.

Next it was little delicate kitty footprints. Soon the woods began to stir, with rabbits, coyotes, and deer opening up their favorite trails and pathways.

When the deer and coyotes begin moving, so does the big guard dog and soon Cricket's big pawprints were all around the perimeter of the yard.

After dinner we added our tracks to the yard, busting out pathways as we fed, watered dogs and picked up bowls.

The tractor rumbled to life and soon the neat little set of tire tracks down the driveway announced Mark's arrival home was obliterated by a freshly plowed driveway.

Overnight, while the huskies and we slept, the cats, Cricket and the woodland critters all worked on opening the pathways in their worlds.

The next morning more people tracks in the yard as I broke open trails shoveling the dog yard. The 4 wheeler and the skidder added their marks to the snow has I headed out to our 'dumping spot'.

Finally, the tracks of dog and the runners of sleds join the rest of the tracks in the woods and around the yard. Things are back as they should be - until the next storm arrives and cleans the slate again!


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