Friday, 13 March 2009

New Training Tip!

So while Karen is busy recounting stories from the Quest 300 and her tales of judging the Quest I have taken it upon myself to share her latest sled dog training tip!

You see today it was warm (-3C/26F) and we decided to run dogs and also to let Kim and Kelly run along with the team. Still free running not harnessed and getting used to being around the sled and the team. Kim and Kelly were a little on the rambunctious side (that is code for wild girls running all over the yard and into the team as well) so I picked up Kim and brought her in the sled with me. I was the passenger and chief puppy handler! Well then we couldn’t get Kelly to cooperate either so I hopped out of the sled to get her. The great news is that both puppies were very happy to just go for a ride in the sled! It seems they were thinking that they should go for a ride the first time out with the sled and then maybe run another time.

See here is Kelly trying to convince Karen a ride would be best for the first time around!

Needless to say they only went for a ride long enough to get out of the chaos of the dog yard and then they were pushed out of the sled to run on their own. They had a blast and were hard running young sled dogs!

Next we grabbed Boo and Sobe to run with the team but they were even more rambunctious so Sobe stayed behind while Boo ran. She had a blast running by the sled and playing in the deep powder!

All in all it was a fun time for all and maybe tomorrow we will take out the little Toons for a romp on the trail! I wonder what that will be like...............

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