Thursday, 20 August 2009

It Might Not Look Scarey To You...

I was in Home Hardware in Athabasca the other day searching for some kind of 'hole saw' that Mark needed for his continuing remodel of the dog truck when I spotted this...

Since Kara, Bet, Bait and Tic have Mark and I filling their water dish a million times a day I thought this would be a great little purchase for the house.
Mark was quite taken with it when I arrived home, agreeing that it was a great find. I filled it up thinking just how handy this was going to be.

Kara and Bet looked it over and decided it was relatively harmless and that the odds of them not dying of dehydration (they are both fairly dramatic dogs) were better with it in the house.

All was well and peaceful until Kara took a big drink and began to walk away from the dish. 'BLURP' went the tank.
Kara shot across the floor with nails scrambling for purchase and terror in her eyes.
Bet had pretty much the same reaction the first time the water dish 'BLURPED' at her too.

Things have settled down a bit now. Kara and Bet aren't quite so startled by the 'BLURPING' water tank, although they still approach it suspiciously.

And Bait....well he is trying to figure out a way to add fish to the tank.

Never a dull moment!


ks3286 said...

I have to laugh we had one of those blurping machines at one time. If you noticed I said at one time, But my huskies thought it was a play toy and would knock the tank over and guess what we had a flood in our kitchen and the games were on. So we no longer have a blurping machine.

Willowbend said...

Too funny! We have several of the jugs around the house and garage for both the dogs and the cats. Most got over the blurp, some have never returned the trough and yes they have figured out how to return a jug to mom. I try to keep them full so they don't knock them over and they are strategically placed in corners.

ElizabethMC said...

Had to laugh at this one too! Silly animals! I am considering getting one of those for our house too - three thirsty dogs and a kitten! And I thought I drank a lot of water!

Shmoo said...

We had to get rid of ours. Meeshka found great pleasure in digging out the water until it stopped blurping.

The Thundering Herd said...

I am with Penny. We looked at one of these and laughed. Digging out the water. Chewing the plastic. Playing the game of dump the Rusty in the tank. Removing the tank.

Way too many ways mischief can be had.

Karen Ramstead said...

LOL. You guys own a bunch of bad dogs.
Neither Kara nor Bet would dream of doing anything so bad as tipping the water tank or digging in the bowl.
Heck, I just fed Bet her breakfast and simply told Kara "That's Bet's" and Kara walked away from it and left it for the little Border Collie.
I feel sorry for those of you that don't have a perfect Siberian like Kara!