Sunday, 16 August 2009

Ye Ole Watering Hole

We have an old horse watering trough that we drag out onto the trail every year so we can stop and water dogs on the run.
Since my runs are now pushing close to 6 miles Mark filled the trough and dragged it out with his tractor the other day.

The veterans know the routine and eagerly turned onto the watering hole trail when asked the other day. The rookies were alittle puzzled by the big blue thing on the side of the trail, but quickly figured out that it was all good!

Bang and Wonder having a drink


Not everyone stands around patiently waiting for a drink. Grit takes matters into his own paws

Once they have all had a drink and caught their breath, they are keen to get going again!

And soon we are underway again..

X and Wolvie digging in on one of 'The Widowmaker' hills.

For the record the team was Jinx and Tess; Wonder and Bang; Bingo and Jolt; Kim and Grit; Irving and Runner; Rocky and Roscoe; Shooter and Turtle; X and Wolvie. A nice mixture of young and old. I was very pleased with the power of this group!



Nannette Morgan said...

So what's the story behind "The Widowmaker Hill" on your trail?



The Thundering Herd said...

What a great concept. Now I just need to figure out how to drag water out onto my trails this time of year.

Andi Louise said...

I'm with Nennette Morgan on asking " what is the story behind Widowmaker hill" ? It looks steep for one thing!

Bakavi said...

Nice photos, nice team. Working hard!
Do you drag out fresh water every time or have it there for a few days?, Based on the quantity, unless you are going to let them "swim", I might think a few days.

Karen Ramstead said...

The trough holds alot, so it will last many weeks before we have to bring it home and refill it.

'The Widowmakers' are a series of hills north of the house. There is no special story to the name. Mark just started calling them that and it stuck. The biggest of the three hills (which I don't think I have any pictures of) we used to call 'The Breakfast Maker' because when Mark and I were training 2 teams on there, whoever had to use the throttle on their ATV to help their team to the top of it had to make breakfast that day!

Helen Thorgalsen said...

What you ran Kim without Kelly? I am shocked :-))

ElizabethMC said...

Glad to see you and the dogs made it out to train. Good also to see a mix of the rookies and the veterans and everyone having a good time!