Monday, 3 August 2009

My 200th Blog Entry!!!

The blog has been around for alittle over a year now and this is the 200th entry!!! Not bad!!!!
Why not tell me which entry has been your favorite and why!! Use the comment section of the blog and I'll pick one commenter to win a special signed Jon Van Zyle poster!!! Entry deadline is one week from today - so midnight August 10th! Only entries posted in the comment section will be accepted!!!


In the meantime, I have a few pictures to share with you.

Corrine and I had a very nice run this morning. I was feeling particularly daring this morning so we hooked up 10 excellent dogs (Jinx, Bang, Spider, Wonder, See, Crunchie, Q, TopDog, X and Utin) with 5 yearlings on their first run (Sobe, Boo, Bolt, Tramp, and Grimmy) and one on only her third hookup (Jolt).
The first 1/2 mile was a circus, but after that they started to actually look like a dog team! Nice pups, for sure!

What happens when you have the 12 year old niece write up the 'dog board'!

Love the rays of sunshine in this shot!

Also have a few other shots from around the yard....

My most excellent guard dog! Would you mess with her??

Corrine, Runner and Wifi out on a scooter run

My good buddy, Bet

And finally, because they rarely get featured in the blog....


...and Bait

And that is blog entry 200!!!



Traveling Girl said...

Hmmm. Contest is going to be hard! This may be my favorite blog entry but I'll look back and chime in later. Love the dog board!

The Thundering Herd said...

Things that make me go eek - Certainly made me laugh at the straight forward story.

Dear Bait and Tic would be a close second, only because of the moment that I saw the shadow of a mouse as it sat on a lamp in my den one night, while all the members of The Herd simply glanced at it and went back to sleep. Of course, worse is if they had all given chase - I can only imagine the destruction that would have caused.

Huskymom said...

So many funny, informative and touching posts to choose from--but I really appreciated the March 4, 2009 one on "The Rest of the Story" about the challenges of just getting to the remote Yukon Quest checkpoints as a race judge. It provided a unique perspective on the race and a peek at part of the country few will ever experience. Thank you for sharing it. I hope the area is recovering from the disastrous floods that occurred later in the spring.

Jane and The Pack said...

This is a HARD contest! I love all the entries :-) Living where it does not snow, I treasure all the stories and pictures of fun in the snow that I miss so very much! The post from Sunday, May 17, 2009
A Walk in the Woods reminded me of Jim Brandenburg's (my favorite photographer) book, Chased by the Light: lovely meditation, to go with great photos.
I enjoyed the one about "When No one is Watching They Dance" - a bit of everyday wonder. But I think my favorite has got to be from Thursday, March 26, 2009
What's Under Your Bed??? (Since all my dogs sleep in my bedroom with me, I do not have dust bunnies under my bed; I have dust wolves!) I love the idea of keeping the dog's ashes there! Since I only have a few former dogs, their ashes sit on the top of my dresser, which doubles as an altar. Besides the dogs ashes, there are my favorite crystals, some pine cones, a piece of basalt with quartz veins a friend brought from the Isle of Mann,some interestingly knotted pieces of dried kelp I found on the beach, a small carved figure of a white wolf. Those of us who love dogs live in a fragile place; since their lives are so much shorter than ours, we experience death on a too frequent basis. If we are willing to accept the lesson, we learn that death is part of life; and to live fully means there will be endings as well as beginnings, as the wheel of the years turns the seasons through our lives...Like Karen, I need my dogs close to me; love doesn't end with death. That is not morbid, it is life-affirming! There is so much richness in all these blog entries...and this is what happens when I start writing before I've had my second cup of coffee :-)

Anonymous said...

So many to choose from . . . you should really write a book, Karen.
I thoroughly enjoyed "Some Oldies But Goodies". Gus has always been one of my favorites.

After that, I always like to read about the young 'uns like "This Morning" and the "Rice Krispies in the Woods".

Keep them coming. They are all winners. --Marcia Mummau

granimar said...

First, I love the team board, Corrine. I have a picture of one of Karen's boards from one of my visits----yours was certainly creative and very personalized.
The Blogs---couldn't begin to choose one. I'm a very visual person and love reading where there's lots of description to see in my mind's eye. Karen, your blogs always bring me right where you are and expand on the "heart memories" already there.
I loved "The Rest of the Story". It's the only part of the Quest route we haven't traveled. When we did the Taylor highway, we opted not to haul our 5th wheel to Eagle, so missed that part of the world. Your description made it very real, and historic since the awful flooding destruction that has forever changed that part of the Quest trail.
Having visited NW in May and refreshed the memories of the dogs and the layout of the land and the trails, I really laughed at Jack and his "hissy fits" in the "This Morning" segment. What a special part of the world NW and it's inhabitants occupy.

ElizabethMC said...

Congratulations on your 200th Blog entry. To be honest here, I don't have a favorite entry. I have enjoyed all your blogs, pictures and stories of your everyday life and life on the Iditarod Trail. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to share in your adventures.
P.S. I like the way Corrine did the dog board. WAY Cool!

Kathleen and Wolfie said...

I confess...okay, I don't have to confess because everyone already knows...that I have not been one of those who have willing embraced the blog. It has been easier since I was able to subscribe and get the blog delivered right to my e-mail inbox. The one blog that finally won me over was totally non-dog related, but included the most breath-taking pictures, A Trip to the River. That would have been my favorite until about a week ago. We get lots of great tales with a few gliches here and there, but This Morning had me laughing out loud.

Katerina said...

Definitely "What I look for in leader". For so many reasons. So many mushers should read that one :)

BTW - I love that team write up Corrine made. It´s awsome!

BADASmusher said...
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BADASmusher said...

Ok I have thought long and hard about which entry would be my favorite. I finally decided it is your very first one.
Monday, June 2, 2008
I'm a Blogger....

The reason for this is it reminds me of... well me! For the longest time I laughed and scorned "the bloggers" and the social network junkkies. And then suddenly I find myself right there with them. After seeing you start blogging and following your posts I decided to try it and I am now a blogger too for almost a year. I don't have tons of followers but it feels good to "write" things down.. I have never been good at keeping a diary and I am actually enjoying the blogging thing. Especially adding pics to go with the words! Love your blogs and the diaries you wrote before them!

Theresa Przybylski said...

My favorite is Some Oldies - But Goodies. With so many young, promising dogs and talented main and second string dogs it's takes a special person to recognize and take time to salute the seniors. Looking back they give us so many wonderful memories, they have taught us so many important lessons. You gotta love the old ones and that post reminded me how important where we've been is to where we're going.

Selma said...

Hard contest, i like all your entries.
I read through your blog and the post i liked the most was "Tis is a story for my mom" . I really liked the story about you and Wifi.
When you tried to sell WiFi and then you trainde him and that he wormed his way into your heart. A very nice story and im glad that you shared that story with us.
Congratulations on your 200th Blog entry. / Selma

Unknown said...

Not an easy task, picking a favorite! But I think Bait in Geriatric Park has to be a favorite - I love the older ones, and adding the "Stupid Cat" to it... Second would be the ones about the pups, especially the fence climbers / escapees like Rocket and Grimmy.

Anonymous said...

now I stay in touch..