Monday, 7 September 2009

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like....FALL

Signs are definately outside the door announcing that fall is right around the corner. The Common Nighthawks, Hummingbirds and Robins have all packed their bags and headed for their winter cottages.

The under brush in the woods are changing colors, the berries are ripe and plentiful and the trees have lost their bright green edge.


Lingonberries aka Lowbush Cranberries


The sled dogs are running and the mushers are running around - frantically trying to finish all the summer tasks that they meant to finish up months ago.

Sled Dog tracks in the sand

The biggest task here this summer was Mark's remodel of the dog truck. It is progressing well and with some help from our handler, Mike it should be done pretty soon.


And what is Bait doing while everyone else is scurrying around getting ready for fall?? He's trying to catch those last few rays of sun to finish up his tan...

It's a hard life.


Karen_SanDiego said...

I just love Bait, he always makes me smile and shake my head... such a silly boy.

Kathryn said...

I have to agree with Karen. You just have to shake your head when it comes to Bait! He is just one silly, goofy cat. But I can't ignore Tic. He was my loud bed warmer while I was at Karen's a couple winters ago.

Karen Ramstead said...

And he still misses you Kathryn!

granimar said...

Look at that Freweed----the very best harbinger of cold weather to come !!
Great photos Karen, I can just look at them and be there. Gorgeous country.

granimar said...

I forgot to add---crazy, silly Bait. He's just saving up energy for his next zipping around escapade.

Helen Thorgalsen said...

Wow, I am as usual so impressed with Mark's hard work and fine workmanship! And as for Bait....clearly he loves having his picture taken in lots of different positions!