Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A Morning Stroll

Sadly it was too warm to run dogs this morning, so I decided a walk with my 'peeps' was in order.



...Kara (she is hard to get a picture of, as she is always right next to me!)...


Bait and Tic!

It was beautiful morning for walking and we hiked all the way up the hill on our driveway.

Cricket encouraging me up the hill!

Bet and Bait caught sharing a private moment!

Bait found a grouse in the bush and flushed him out - Bet and Cricket are offering encouragement!

About this time I glanced over my shoulder to look at the view of the valley (one of my very favorite views in the whole world - I love my home!) and spied 2 coyotes sniffing out our trail!

You can just see the coyotes at the bottom of the hill on the left side.
They didn't pop out of the bush until we were mostly out of sight, so I was confident they had been watching us for quite a while.

Great, now I had to get 3 dogs and 2 cats safely home!! Have you ever tried herding cats along a trail?? Not fun - and definitely not effective, but I was doing pretty well.

About this time Cricket decided to take off - SUPER!

Cricket is a free spirit and when she gets in one of 'those moods' her ears seem to plug up with dog hair.

I was certainly more wary walking along without Cricket, but I shouldn't have been - turns out she had doubled through a meadow, probably put the run on our visitors, and was waiting for us just a little ways down the road!

I felt bad for doubting her - but I'm sure she forgave me!!

After the cats took alittle break ...

,,(apparently a mile of flat out walking is a bit much for 2 little cats) we all meandered our way safely back into the yard!

Not as much fun as a run with the sled dogs - but still a good time was had by all!


BADASmusher said...

How cool! I LOVE your valley veiw!
we have coyotes all over here in Central CA....

husky mom said...

You pack a lot of drama into a 1-mile walk! Lovely location and companions.

The Thundering Herd said...

Maybe the coyotes just wanted to tag along? I had not heard ours for a while until Saturday morning and they were close and "chirping."

Ann said...

I love Bait and Bet!

Extra biscuits for Cricket.

Laurie said...

No worries about those coyotes with Cricket around! Reminds me of the old cartoons about the big white sheep-dog that always showed up when the coyote thought he safe, to steal a lamb.
We have plenty of coyotes in my neighborhood, and I occasionally catch them checking us out, mostly i think they just want to know who's in town.
Beautiful pics!

Bakavi said...

Those cat "twins" are so funny, a real pair of clowns.
How cool that they take the walks with the rest of the crew.
Great photos, as usual. Nice pics to have your coffee with.

mgailt said...

Such a neat Blog, Karen, complete with "narration" and pictures. You really do some wonderful story-telling, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who looks forward to your Blogs!