Wednesday, 2 September 2009


We are having some kind of freaky heat wave here in northern Alberta, but thankfully the mornings are still cool enough that we can sneak a run in before the temperatures shoot up too high.

And things are going very well! The 'big' dogs have been running solid 6 mile runs and I am about ready to 'bump up' their mileage. I'm even batting a thousand with the rookie leaders, with young Billie stepping up into a lead role yesterday.

Time to rock the boat.

This morning was a bit warmer so I figured it would be a good morning to take a team of pups out for a shorter run then normal. Six yearlings and a bunch of hormonal adults (Did I mention all my girls are in season??) was definitely the recipe for a more 'exciting' run then the nice solid ones I've been enjoying!

The yearlings (Astro, Bolt, Snert, Grimmy, Kim, and Tramp) think that their 'poop does not smell' (this is a family friendly blog) and spent alot of time trying to (unsuccessfully) intimidate the dogs they were running next too. They jumped and tangled themselves, chewed on harness, chewed on ganglines, tried to turn around, got tangled more, etc, etc.

The 'big' dogs in the team (Runner, X, Crunch, Jr, Fritz, Xena, Wonder, Meg and Dasher) were not impressed by the puppies antics, but the boys were impressed by all the good smelling girls in the team - and the girls impressed by the mere presence of the boys - and all tried to use every tangle and distraction to arrange a hook up.

We moved down the trail with lots of enthusiasm, but lots of chaos too! Certainly not the nice neat rows and tight tug lines I usually see from the seat of my Quad!!

We got back into the yard and rushed around putting away puppies and the most desirable females to prevent true pandemonium from breaking loose!

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining - it is just part of the 'process' but I am thinking about having a nap this afternoon!



Jenimal said...

OK but Mike should be used to that, granted most the dogs in our sled group are fixed, but tangled lines... chewing.. dogs running in the wrong direction... all in a morning's fun for our sled dog club.

Say "Hi" to Mike for me... and Behr says "Hi" too

Bakavi said...

heh, heh, heh!!! fun I would love to have.

Corgi-Mom said...

sounds like you earned a nap!

The Thundering Herd said...

And why didn't we get a video of this run? Oh yeah, family friendly blog.

Karen Ramstead said...

You got it!!! =)

The nap never did happen =(

Beth G said...

I'm with The Thundering of all the commotion might have been funny to those of us who only dream of running dogs.

Karen Ramstead said...

Unfortanately, sometimes dealing with the issues at hand have to take priority over documenting the events.

But, I am working on a way to get around that (right Don and Mary).


Andi Louise said...

How about a hat camera? We use them in firefighting to record our going into a house fire. Clips right on our helmets. Keep one clipped to your favorite hat, turn it on, and go!

Helen Thorgalsen said...

That freaky heat wave.....I remember that as the harsh Alberta weather! Sounds like you are having a grand time and I am sure the dogs are as well!

granimar said...

This certainly can be a whole cartoon strip, right?? Really funny to those of us not there.

Kaos Siberians said...

With all four girls here in season, just color me impressed that your boys and girls run together (well, there was that whole "Who's your Daddy?" thing a few years ago :-) I don't think I'm ready to test their focus in hookup...I know I'm not!