Saturday, 5 September 2009

A Jump Up in Mileage

This morning was a bit cooler, so I took the opportunity to bump the 'big' dogs mileage up a bit.

That meant we hit the highway ditch for the first time this season. No rookie leaders for this trip. I used Spider and Bang.

Bang and Spider; Jinx and See; Billie and Casey; Turtle and Tie; Irving and Herman; Hector and Grit; Charge and Shooter; Jr and Roscoe.

'Trail breaking' through thick grass above their heads was alittle much for Bang. I was going to throw Jinx up there, but Spider took charge and got us where we needed to be. Good girl Spidey!!!

Charge and Shooter cooling off in a BIG puddle!

The humidity from our HUGE rain storm yesterday morning trapped the dogs breath around them whenever we stopped!

Sled Dogs in the Mist!

And of course, Cricket was there to welcome the team back into the yard and got a full report from See and Spider.

Should her 'Guard Dog for a sled dog kennel gig' ever fall apart (which it won't) she'd like to try being a Walmart Greeter! She's probably be good at it if no one ever tried to leave the store with food!!!!



Deb Rawaillot said...

Glad to hear Nahanni and Bet are fine. I LOVE the picture of the 'Huskies in the Mist'...what a great shot, Karen! Your background in photography really shows in all your pictures. Thank you for sharing them!

The Thundering Herd said...

Sled Dogs in the Mist - made me chuckle.

Bakavi said...

Well, I guess that means things are starting to get serious!
looking good already.

Anonymous said...

can i work for you as a dog handler also do you have any dogs for sale that i can have for my kennel

Anonymous said...

can i get derections to your kennel

Anonymous said...

i would like to work at your kennel

Karen Ramstead said...

We have already hired handlers for this season, however if you email me with details about yourself and why you wish to work at the kennel, perhaps we can consider you for next season.

I'm sorry, but we do not give directions out to the kennel. Visitors are by appointment only.