Friday, 4 June 2010

The Great Outdoors

If you have been watching the Puppy Cam, you'll have noticed that Bang and her Explosions are now under the watchful eye of the webcam. Dew and the Brits moved outside on Wednesday.

Because they were so comfortable in the house, I wondered how quickly they would adapt to 'The Great Outdoors'.

Dew was thrilled from the get go!

The Brits took a few minutes to scope out the surroundings, paying special attention to the best hiding spots, before settling in...

Hambone and Sherwood
Hambone and Todd

Todd finds the BEST hiding spot!

 In the days since they have gotten more and more comfortable in their pen. While I'm working around the dog yard I will see glimpses of them roaring around in rough and tumble games.
This evening before feeding I went up to take a couple quick pictures. An hour later I managed to pull myself away from them!! Even dirty and dusty, they are charming and adorable!!


Hambone - that's tree sap on his head!

Cooperating on an important project!





Dew always keep an eye on things, but I think she like me taking a short shift every now and again!

Eventually they all wore themselves out and it was time for me to get back to work (well, actually past time!)


Louise said...

Aw, now I've seriously fallen in love with Todd! Now what do I do? I guess I'll just have to watch his career very closely from now on (sigh). Do NOT look into those eyes! He will get you, too! Seriously!!

Anonymous said...

Hambone is still my favorite. His name says it all, plus his coat is to die for. Looking forwarding to watching these fellows race in a few years.

Joli said...

They look soooo sweet! Looking forward to meeting them in a few weeks!

Pat in MN said...

Great photos! I can see how it would be difficult to pull yourself away from this scene! What a bunch of cuties. I have trouble getting myself away from the puppycam after refreshing several times. I can distinguish Fletch from Todd but Sherwood and Hambone look so similar, at least their faces. Are their bodies more dissimilar?
Thanks for the photos and comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for letting us watch these adorable pups grow up!

garyfletcher111 said...

arh, they are so cute and they look like they have settled down nicely outside.

Great phot's Karen......

Fletch xx

Karen Ramstead said...

The way to tell Sherwood and Hambone apart is by their faces. Sherwood has some gray marks just below and between his eyes - Hambone doesn't!