Sunday, 3 February 2013

Perryvale Bet - Bet

Every year that miserable rodent in Pennsylvania comes out of a fake tree stump, bites a handler, either sees or doesn't see its shadow and gets it wrong EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

And yet, the media all flock there, crowds of adoring fans who would probably swerve for it if they saw that thing on the road, especially if it was wearing that RIDICULOUS top hat... who wears top hats nowadays, the furry vermin doesn't even know how to ensamblize!

Meanwhile, here in Perryvale, a more exact prognosticator of weather lives.  Never wrong in her years of taking exact scientific measurements, calculating secret formulas that only she knows, and plugging the numbers into a top secret hush-hush weather combopulator contraption...

Hmmm, the snow is very firm, and cold

I sense a bit of continental drift occurring... oh wait, we had beans last night

There is a bit of bubbly effervescent feel to the snow

Um, no, nope... beans again

Sniffing the westward wind

Ugh... no, damn those beans!

Nobody light a match... seriously

Musher, stay away from me with those flaming pants


Wait!  My keen Border Collie hearing senses a change in the downward flow of the stratosphere

ACK!  Bait, you scared the crap out of me.. nearly

Ok, I think I've gathered enough data to make a prediction....

It's winter, and it's cold

I don't think anyone can argue with my findings.

- Bet

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Anonymous said...

Really funny & cute post! Sorry to tell you this Bet, but I am a Groundhog Day lover!!! Sitka's Mom Lisa(ColsOH)